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PlayStation’s State of Play Returns This Thursday

PlayStation State of Play Return This Thursday

PlayStation fans, mark your calendars! The much-anticipated State of Play is set to return this Thursday, offering a 40-minute presentation filled with exciting updates and new game announcements. The broadcast will focus on upcoming titles for the PS5 and PS VR2, showcasing over 15 games, including some major reveals and updates from third-party developers.

What to Expect

The upcoming State of Play is expected to feature new looks at highly anticipated games like Stellar Blade and Rise of the Ronin. Additionally, fans can look forward to updates on Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and possibly Death Stranding 2, among other surprises. This lineup promises a comprehensive overview of what PlayStation has in store for 2024 and beyond​.

Broadcast Details

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The State of Play will be streamed live on Thursday, May 30, starting at 2:00 PM Pacific Time / 5:00 PM Eastern Time / 10:00 PM GMT. Viewers can tune in on PlayStation’s official channels on Twitch and YouTube to catch all the announcements in real-time​.

Highlights to Watch For

  • Stellar Blade: This action-packed game will feature prominently, with new gameplay footage and updates expected.
  • Rise of the Ronin: Fans of historical action games will get a fresh look at this title, which promises an immersive samurai experience.
  • Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: One of the most anticipated sequels, this game is set to reveal new details that will excite fans of the series.
  • Death Stranding 2: Although not officially confirmed, leaks suggest that new information about this sequel might be part of the showcase​​.

Viewing and Participation

For those planning to watch, the stream will be available on PlayStation’s Twitch and YouTube channels. Fans are encouraged to join the live broadcast to experience the announcements as they happen and engage with the PlayStation community online​​.

This State of Play is shaping up to be a must-watch event for all PlayStation enthusiasts, offering a glimpse into the future of gaming on PS5 and PS VR2. Be sure to tune in and catch all the exciting updates!

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