Ravi Shastri Features in Britannia’s AI-Driven Marketing Campaign

Ravi Shastri Features in Britannia's AI-Driven Marketing Campaign

In a recent initiative, Britannia Industries has launched a marketing campaign featuring the digital avatar of cricket legend Ravi Shastri. The campaign, utilizing AI technology, enables consumers to interact with Shastri’s avatar and receive personalized video responses.

Key Highlights:

  • Britannia integrates AI with its new marketing campaign, featuring cricket icon Ravi Shastri.
  • Users can engage with Shastri’s digital avatar and receive personalized advice in video format.
  • The campaign leverages ChatGPT4 and a Text-to-Video engine for a unique consumer experience.
  • Amit Doshi of Britannia and Amin Lakhani of Mindshare South Asia highlight the innovative use of AI in enhancing customer engagement.

Ravi Shastri Features in Britannia's AI-Driven Marketing Campaign

Britannia Industries has unveiled a novel AI-driven campaign, “Britannia 50-50 Golmaal,” which allows consumers to engage with cricketing icon Ravi Shastri during the cricket season. This initiative is part of Britannia’s strategy to enhance audience engagement using AI, providing fans the opportunity to receive ‘Golmaal advice’ through personalized video responses.

Developed in partnership with Mindshare India, the campaign taps into India’s cricket passion by providing fans with the chance to ask Shastri questions, adding a layer of personalization to their engagement with the brand. As the cricket season reaches its peak, Shastri’s digital avatar is designed to offer an innovative form of interaction.

Britannia has a history of employing AI to create distinctive consumer experiences. For World Biscuit Day, the company created a Generative AI-driven fantasy land featuring its biscuits. Additionally, the ‘1947% More History’ Independence Day campaign utilized AR to share stories of India’s freedom fighters, using AI to reconstruct historical visuals and narratives.

The Golmaal AI chatbot campaign is notable for its use of AI to create text-to-video responses featuring Shastri. This method combines ChatGPT4 with a Text-to-Video engine to generate videos based on user input, complete with modulated voice and facial expressions.

Amit Doshi, Chief Marketing Officer of Britannia, emphasized the brand’s commitment to exploring new horizons and resonating with audiences through AI integration. “This campaign is a testament to our dedication to cricket and our history,” said Doshi.

Ravi Shastri’s AI-powered digital avatar is highlighted as a key feature of the campaign, providing a novel way for consumer interaction.

Amin Lakhani, Chief Executive Officer of Mindshare South Asia, underscored the significance of AI in marketing, stating, “This campaign is a truly differentiated way of enhancing consumer experiences to drive brand growth.”

By fusing technologies and partnerships, Britannia and Mindshare India aim to create lasting engagement rather than a transient trend, utilizing the strengths of AI tools like ChatGPT4 and the Text-to-Video engine to tell Britannia’s story in an engaging way.

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