GOVO Joins MTV Hustle Season 3 as Co-Sponsor

The audio tech industry newcomer GOVO has announced its role as co-sponsor for MTV Hustle 03 Represent, aiming to further boost the profile of the show and India’s rap culture. The collaboration is set to integrate the brand within the show’s framework, offering a blend of promotional presence and audience engagement.

  • GOVO has become the co-sponsor for MTV Hustle’s latest season, a leading Indian rap reality show.
  • The collaboration includes on-set brand integration and contestant mentions of GOVO.
  • Viewers can expect GOVO-sponsored giveaways during the show, enhancing audience experience.
  • Varun Poddar, Founder of GOVO, expresses excitement over the partnership, emphasizing the brand’s passion for music and quality sound.
  • MTV Hustle continues to provide a national platform for emerging rap talents, contributing to the growth of the rap scene in India.

GOVO Joins MTV Hustle Season 3 as Co-Sponsor

The latest season of MTV Hustle, India’s foremost reality TV series dedicated to rap, has brought on board the audio tech brand GOVO as its co-sponsor. The partnership is seen as a strategic move by the nascent company to integrate with a platform that is at the forefront of showcasing emerging rap artists in India.

Varun Poddar, the founder of GOVO, shared his excitement about the collaboration. He stated, “We are absolutely thrilled to partner with MTV Hustle 03 Represent. At GOVO, we’re dedicated to elevating audio quality, and teaming up with MTV Hustle fulfills our long-held dream.” Poddar’s statement underscores the brand’s ambition to align itself with a movement that reflects the pulse of Indian youth culture.

The synergy between GOVO and MTV Hustle is set to manifest in various forms throughout the show. The audience can expect to see an active integration of the brand within the series, not only in on-set features but also through organic mentions by contestants. Moreover, the show plans to engage viewers with exciting hamper giveaways from GOVO, aiming to create a more interactive experience for the audience.

This sponsorship marks a significant step for GOVO in gaining visibility among India’s young and musically inclined demographic, while simultaneously supporting a platform that has been instrumental in bringing local rap talent to the national and international limelight. The collaboration is not just a business endeavor but also reflects a shared vision between the two entities to enrich the rap culture in India.

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