Realme 12+ 5G: A Comprehensive First Look

Realme 12 5G 1

The Realme 12+ 5G emerges as a significant contender in the mid-range smartphone market, promising to deliver a blend of performance, style, and camera prowess.

Key highlights

  • Display: A 6.67-inch AMOLED screen, boasting a 120Hz refresh rate, up to 2000 nits peak brightness, and a 240Hz touch sampling rate for smooth interactions​​.
  • Camera Capabilities: Equipped with a 50MP Sony LYT-600 sensor for the primary camera, complemented by an 8MP ultra-wide and a 2MP macro lens, it also features a 32MP Sony IMX615 front camera for selfies​​​​​​.
  • Performance: Powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 7050 chipset, offering up to 12GB of RAM (with an additional 8GB virtual RAM option) and 256GB of storage​​.
  • Battery and Charging: A robust 5000mAh battery paired with 67W SUPERVOOC fast charging, promising rapid refueling​​​​.
  • Software: Realme UI 5.0 based on Android 14, ensuring a modern software experience with three years of promised updates​​.

Realme 12 5G 1

Design and Build: The Realme 12+ 5G sports a sleek design, available in colors like Pioneer Green and Navigator Beige, with an IP54 rating for dust and water resistance​​. It’s designed for comfortable holding and usability, featuring a flat frame and an easy-to-reach in-display fingerprint sensor​​.

Camera Performance: The device’s camera setup is versatile, allowing for detailed shots across a range of scenarios, from portrait mode to night photography. Despite some inconsistencies in exposure between the main and ultra-wide lenses, the overall image quality is commendable​​. The camera software includes a plethora of modes for creative shooting, including Night Mode, Portrait Mode, and more​​.

Software and User Experience: While Realme UI 5.0 offers a colorful and intuitive interface, the presence of bloatware might be a downside for some users. However, the performance, especially in gaming, is highlighted as smooth and responsive, thanks to the powerful MediaTek chipset​​​​.

Battery Life: The 5,000mAh battery ensures all-day usage, and with the 67W charging, users can expect a fast recharge time, making it ideal for heavy users or those always on the go​​.

Long-Term Reviews and Follow-Ups: Some tech reviewers offer follow-up insights months after the initial release, detailing the phone’s durability, software updates impact, and any long-term issues or benefits discovered during extended use.

Tech Support and Community Forums: Realme’s official forums and broader mobile technology forums like XDA Developers can provide insight into carrier compatibility, especially for those using the phone in different regions or with specific network requirements.

Gaming Performance Reviews: For a closer look at the cooling system’s performance during gaming, searching for specific gaming review videos or articles can provide real-world data on heat management, frame rates, and battery consumption during prolonged gaming sessions.

The Realme 12+ 5G stands out in the crowded mid-range market with its compelling combination of an impressive display, versatile camera setup, and robust performance. Its design and build quality reflect a balance between aesthetics and practicality, catering to users looking for a device that doesn’t just perform well but also feels good in the hand. The software experience, while marred slightly by bloatware, is lifted by the promise of regular updates and a user-friendly interface. Battery life and charging capabilities are among its strong suits, ensuring the phone keeps up with the demands of daily use. Despite the intense competition, the Realme 12+ 5G appears poised to carve out its niche, offering a well-rounded package that ticks most boxes for a mid-range smartphone.


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