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Reliance Jio Expands Tracking Solutions with JioTag Air: An Affordable and Versatile Tracker for All

Reliance Jio Expands Tracking Solutions with JioTag Air

Reliance Jio has unveiled its latest innovation in tracking technology: the JioTag Air. Building upon the success of its predecessor, the JioTag, this new device offers a range of enhanced features and expanded compatibility. Notably, the JioTag Air stands out by integrating with Apple’s Find My network, a significant departure from the JioTag’s exclusive reliance on the JioThings app.

JioTag Air Features and Functionality

The JioTag Air is a compact and stylish asset tracker designed to help users locate and monitor valuable items such as keys, identification cards, wallets, purses, luggage, and even pets. It boasts compatibility with both iOS (version 14 and above) and Android (version 9 and above) devices, ensuring broad accessibility for users across different platforms.

Equipped with Bluetooth 5.3 technology, the JioTag Air facilitates seamless wireless device tracking. Its built-in speaker emits a loud sound ranging from 90 to 120 decibels, aiding in the location of misplaced items. While the device can be paired with either the Apple Find My network or the JioThings app, users must choose one network at a time.

Android users can easily pair the JioTag Air with the JioThings app and track their tagged belongings directly within the app interface. For Apple users, pairing the device with the Find My app enables continuous Bluetooth signal transmission, which nearby Apple devices like iPhones, iPads, and Macs can detect. These devices then relay the JioTag Air’s location to iCloud, allowing users to pinpoint the item’s whereabouts on a map.

Apple users can also leverage the Find My app to share the location of tagged items with other Apple users. Moreover, activating Lost Mode on the Find My app triggers automatic notifications to the paired Apple device whenever the lost item is detected within the Find My network.

JioTag Air Pricing and Availability

The JioTag Air is available for purchase at a promotional price of ₹1,499, marked down from its original price of ₹2,999. Consumers can choose from three color options: blue, red, and gray. Reliance Jio is offering cashback incentives for payments made through Paytm, CredUPI, and selected credit cards.

The JioTag Air can be conveniently purchased through JioMart, Reliance Digital, Amazon, and the official Reliance Jio website.


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