Home News Samsung Ends Support for Three Galaxy Phones: What Users Need to Know

Samsung Ends Support for Three Galaxy Phones: What Users Need to Know

Samsung Ends Support for Three Galaxy Phones

Samsung has announced that it will no longer provide software updates for three of its older Galaxy models: the Galaxy A40, Galaxy A20, and Galaxy A10. This move, part of the company’s routine update policy, signifies the end of security and firmware updates for these devices.

Affected Models and Update History

The Galaxy A40, Galaxy A20, and Samsung Ends Support for Three Galaxy Phones, all released in early 2019, have reached their end-of-life after four years of service. These models received their final updates in late 2023, with the Galaxy A10 and A40 ending on the March 2023 security patch, while the Galaxy A20 concluded with the December 2022 update​.

Implications for Users

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With the cessation of updates, these devices will no longer receive security patches or new features, potentially leaving them vulnerable to security risks over time. While the phones will continue to function, users may experience compatibility issues with newer apps and services in the future. Samsung has encouraged users to consider upgrading to newer models to ensure ongoing support and access to the latest features.

Samsung’s Update Policy

Samsung regularly updates its software support list, adding new models and removing older ones. The company has committed to providing up to four years of major OS updates and five years of security updates for its flagship models released in 2019 or later​​. However, budget and mid-range devices typically receive fewer updates, reflecting their hardware capabilities and market positioning.

Options for Users

For users of the Galaxy A40, A20, and A10, upgrading to a newer Samsung model may be the best course of action to ensure continued security and functionality. Samsung’s latest models, such as those in the Galaxy S24 series, come with extended software support and enhanced features.

While the end of support for these three Galaxy models marks the end of an era for their users, it also highlights Samsung’s efforts to streamline its device lineup and focus on delivering updates to its newer, more capable models.

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