Home News Samsung Galaxy Ring Could Rival Oura with Comparable Price and Subscription Model

Samsung Galaxy Ring Could Rival Oura with Comparable Price and Subscription Model

Samsung Galaxy Ring Could Rival Oura with Comparable Price and Subscription Model

Samsung is set to enter the smart ring market with its upcoming Galaxy Ring, aiming to compete directly with the popular Oura Ring. The Galaxy Ring, first teased at Samsung’s annual Galaxy Unpacked event and fully unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, promises to bring advanced health tracking features in a sleek and unobtrusive form factor.

Key Features and Health Tracking

The Galaxy Ring will focus heavily on health metrics, particularly sleep tracking, which is an area where it aims to outperform smartwatches. It will measure continuous heart rate during sleep, sleep latency, respiratory rate, and night movement. Additionally, the ring will offer menstrual cycle tracking using a skin temperature sensor and track daily heart rate and step count.

The ring is designed to integrate seamlessly with the Samsung Health app, which is set for a major update later this year. This update will include new features such as the “Vitality Score,” which combines various health metrics to provide an overall readiness score, similar to features found in Fitbit and Garmin devices.

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Pricing and Subscription Model

While Samsung has not officially announced the pricing for the Galaxy Ring, industry estimates suggest it will fall between $250 to $400, making it competitive with the Oura Ring, which ranges from $300 to $550. A significant point of differentiation could be Samsung’s approach to subscription fees. Unlike Oura, which requires a $5.99 monthly fee to unlock premium features, Samsung might offer these features without additional costs, giving it an edge in the market.

Design and Battery Life

The Galaxy Ring will be available in three finishes: Ceramic Black, Gold, and Platinum Silver, and will come in sizes ranging from US 5 to 13. The ring is expected to be lightweight, with weights varying between 2.3 to 2.9 grams. In terms of battery life, the Galaxy Ring is projected to last between 5 to 9 days on a single charge, potentially outperforming the Oura Ring’s 6-day battery life.

Potential Launch Date

The Galaxy Ring is expected to be officially launched in the second half of 2024, possibly during Samsung’s next Unpacked event in July. This timing would allow Samsung to showcase the ring alongside its new foldable phones and smartwatches, positioning it as a major player in the wearable market.

Additional Features

In addition to health tracking, Samsung is exploring the possibility of incorporating NFC for contactless payments, which could further enhance the ring’s functionality. This would make the Galaxy Ring one of the few smart rings capable of making payments, a feature that could attract a broader audience looking for convenience and multifunctionality.

The Samsung Galaxy Ring is poised to be a strong contender in the smart ring market, offering robust health tracking features, potential cost savings with no subscription fees, and additional functionalities like NFC payments. As we await its official release, the Galaxy Ring promises to provide a compelling alternative to existing smart rings like the Oura Ring, appealing to health-conscious consumers who prefer minimalist accessories.

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