Home News Samsung Ups Trade-In Value for Tizen Smartwatches to $100

Samsung Ups Trade-In Value for Tizen Smartwatches to $100

Samsung Ups Trade-In Value for Tizen Smartwatches to $100

Samsung has significantly enhanced its trade-in offer for Tizen smartwatch owners, boosting the credit from a mere $5 to a substantial $100. This offer aims to encourage users to upgrade to the latest Galaxy Watch 6 or Watch 6 Classic models.

Details of the Trade-In Program

Samsung’s latest trade-in program is available exclusively on Samsung’s official website. The program allows users to trade in any smartwatch, regardless of its condition, and receive a minimum of $100 in credit towards the purchase of a new Galaxy Watch 6 or Watch 6 Classic. This offer marks a notable increase from Samsung’s usual trade-in value, which was typically around $5 for older smartwatches and occasionally boosted to $50 for promotional periods.

Eligibility and Specifics

The trade-in deal is quite inclusive, covering any smartwatch in any condition. Whether you have an old, unused Fossil smartwatch or a recent model like the Galaxy Watch 4, you can take advantage of this offer. For example, trading in a Galaxy Watch 4 can fetch you $150, provided the device is in good condition. Apple Watch models are also eligible for higher credits, with up to $200 for recent versions like the Apple Watch Series 8.

Additional Discounts

In addition to the $100 trade-in credit, Samsung is offering other substantial discounts on the Galaxy Watch 6 series. Current promotions include $50 off the Galaxy Watch 6 and $60 off the Watch 6 Classic. These discounts make the trade-in deal even more attractive for users looking to upgrade their wearable technology.

Limited-Time Offer

This enhanced trade-in program is a limited-time offer, though Samsung has not specified an exact end date. Therefore, interested customers are encouraged to take advantage of the deal promptly to ensure they can benefit from the increased trade-in value.

Samsung’s new trade-in policy represents a significant improvement for users with older Tizen smartwatches. By offering $100 credit for any smartwatch, Samsung not only incentivizes users to upgrade but also positions itself as a more attractive option in the competitive smartwatch market. This move is expected to boost sales of the Galaxy Watch 6 series while providing consumers with a cost-effective upgrade path.


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