Staqu and UP Police Unveil AI-Based Crime Analysis Tool Trinetra 2.0

Staqu and UP Police Unveil AI-Based Crime Analysis Tool Trinetra 2.0

Staqu Technologies and the Uttar Pradesh Police Department have launched Trinetra 2.0, featuring the new Crime GPT tool for enhanced crime analysis. This AI-powered platform is designed to facilitate rapid access to criminal data through a comprehensive digital database, offering features such as facial recognition and audio analysis.

Key Highlights:

  • Crime GPT can quickly process data from various sources including CCTV feeds, images, and audio to provide information on crimes and criminals.
  • The platform is integrated with a digital database containing information on over 900,000 criminals, allowing for customized searches.
  • Features include facial recognition, speaker identification, and analysis of criminal networks.
  • Trinetra 2.0 represents a significant advancement in AI applications for law enforcement, providing comprehensive tools for crime investigation.

Staqu and UP Police Unveil AI-Based Crime Analysis Tool Trinetra 2.0

In Gurgaon, on March 15, 2024, Staqu Technologies, a leading developer of Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions in India, announced its latest collaboration with the UP Government and Special Task Force. The partnership aims to enhance the security infrastructure in the region through the introduction of Crime GPT, a generative AI tool designed to streamline law enforcement investigations.

Atul Rai, Co-Founder & CEO of Staqu Technologies, emphasized the alignment of Crime GPT with the company’s vision to bolster security through advanced technology. The tool enables law enforcement to conduct tailored searches for information on targeted individuals, using both written and audio inputs.

Crime GPT builds on the foundation laid by Staqu’s earlier Trinetra application, which employs facial recognition and audio analysis to track and apprehend criminals. The new tool enhances these capabilities, integrating with a digitized database of criminals to provide law enforcement with quick and precise information retrieval.

Prashant Kumar, Director General of Police (DGP) of the Uttar Pradesh Police, highlighted the significant impact of the Trinetra project in improving public security and maintaining law and order. He noted that Crime GPT would facilitate faster information retrieval for ongoing investigations, thereby enhancing the efficiency of law enforcement processes.

Staqu’s collaboration with the UP Police on the development of Crime GPT underscores the company’s commitment to leveraging AI technology to support security efforts. The tool is part of Staqu’s broader portfolio of AI-enabled audio-video analytics solutions, serving multiple state departments and contributing to the advancement of public safety and security infrastructure.

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