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Astronomers discover faintest early-universe galaxy ever

Astronomers have discovered and confirmed what would be the faintest and ancient universe galaxy ever. The discovery could explain how the cosmic dark period came to an end. An international team of researchers using the WM Keck Observatory on the summit of Mauna Kea in...

Newly Found Blue Galaxy May Reveal Secrets About Big Bang Theory

According to a rare galaxy report first published in the Astrophysical Journal on May 13, 2016, a research team from the Indiana University under the leadership of Alec S Hirschauer have found a faint blue galaxy which is almost 30 million light-years from the...

Indo-American professor develops new Galacto-Seismic method to hunt Dark Matter

Galacto-Seismic method to hunt Dark Matter
The hunt for the mysterious dark matter gets more and more complicated. An Indian origin scientist has devised a new method to identify dark matter so that they can sniff out this mysterious space phenomenon. The hunt for dark matter is led by the assistant...

Astronomers discover IDCS 1426 massive galaxy cluster situated 10 bn light years away from Earth

Astronomers discover IDCS 1426 massive galaxy cluster
Astronomers have discovered a big and churning galaxy cluster that came into existence some 3.88 billion years after the Big Bang. It is almost 1,000 times larger than our Milky Way galaxy. The galaxy cluster has been named IDCS J1426.5+3508 (or IDCS 1426) and...

Milky Way photo with 46 billion pixels is the largest astronomical image ever

Milky Way photo with 46 billion pixels
For five years, scientists from the Ruhr University Bochum in Germany has been monitoring our Milky Way Galaxy in search of objects with variable brightness. Astronomers have compiled one of the largest images of our very own Milky Way Galaxy that contains 46 billion...

Why not to choose Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and Edge+

Samsung earlier introduced the Galaxy S6 Edge and recently the S6 Edge+. As the name suggests, both the smartphone carry a curved screen on the edges that feature notification and or other messages in that area, but seriously Android comes with a notification area...

Why you should not buy or upgrade to Samsung Galaxy Note 5? Useless piece of overpriced metal!

Samsung unveiled its Galaxy Note 5 smartphone in the country recently. Coming with some big numbers, the smartphone is apparently ready to rule the premium phablet section, as per the company. However, bigger isn't always better, and it has issues that cannot be ignored....

NuSTAR report says our Galaxy center packed with dead vampire stars

Columbia University – According to a recent report, the center of our galaxy may be packed with dead, vampire stars. The scientists used a special space telescope-Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR) from NASA to get a better grasp of the features of the crowded...

Astronomers trace 11 tiny homeless runaway galaxies

Moscow State University – Astronomers at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics and Moscow State University, has spotted 11 small homeless galaxies. These galaxies have run away from their home place or their birthplaces and are now wandering in the intergalactic space. Any object in...

Samsung Galaxy S6 release date and specs leaks, to feature 5.1-Inch QHD Display and 20-Megapixel Camera

Every year around February-March, the smartphone industry goes crazy over what's new on the world's most talked-about Android phone, Samsung Galaxy S series. The flagship series from the Korean electronic giant just keeps getting better every year with new technologies and smart features. This year...

Samsung reveals two versions of the Samsung Galaxy A7

Samsung has officially announced the launch of its super-slim smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy A7. Samsung Galaxy A7 has been related to many rumors and speculations, but the company has now made the device official. The company said that it plans to launch the new smartphone...

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