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Samsung Set to Introduce Crash Detection in Galaxy S24 Ultra and Z Fold5

Samsung is reportedly on the verge of enhancing the safety features of its high-end smartphones, with the imminent introduction of a crash detection feature. This advancement, initially discovered within the system app code of One UI 6.1 in the Galaxy S24 Ultra, is expected to significantly bolster the safety measures of the device.

Key Highlights

  • The Galaxy S24 Ultra and Z Fold5 are anticipated to be the first Samsung devices to receive the crash detection feature.
  • The crash detection functionality utilizes a combination of the device’s gyroscope, accelerometer, and microphone.
  • In the event of a sudden stop accompanied by a loud noise, the device will trigger an SOS alert.
  • This feature is already present in competitors’ devices like Google’s Pixel (4 and later) and Apple’s iPhone (14 and newer).

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Understanding the Crash Detection Feature

The ‘Car Crash Detect Wakeup’ sensor, integrated into Samsung’s One UI 6.1, is not a standalone component. Instead, it functions as a hub, utilizing inputs from the gyroscope and accelerometer – traditionally used for screen orientation – to detect vehicular movement. The microphone complements these sensors by detecting sudden stops and loud noises, enabling the device to send out emergency alerts.

Samsung’s Step Towards Enhanced Safety

Given the increase in travel and consequently, a rise in accidents post-COVID-19 lockdowns, this feature could be a significant step towards enhancing user safety. The automated emergency response system could be pivotal in ensuring timely medical assistance, especially in scenarios where the occupants of the vehicle are unable to call for help.

Anticipation and Expectations

While there is no confirmed date for the rollout of this feature, its presence in the Galaxy S24 Ultra and hints in the Galaxy Z Fold5’s One UI 5.1.1 build indicate that Samsung may soon introduce this life-saving functionality. However, it appears that this feature may be exclusive to premium models, as it is not present in the S23 series.

Comparison with Competitors

Samsung’s move to incorporate crash detection mirrors similar advancements made by competitors such as Google and Apple. Google’s Pixel phones (from Pixel 4 onwards) and Apple’s iPhone (14 and newer models) already feature this technology. Samsung’s introduction of crash detection in its flagship models demonstrates the company’s commitment to keeping pace with industry standards in smartphone safety features.

Target Models and Potential Rollout

Currently, the Galaxy S24 Ultra and the Z Fold5 are the likely candidates to first receive this update. These models, recognized for their high-end specifications and innovative features, are well-suited for the integration of such advanced safety technology. While there’s no official release date for this feature, its discovery in the system app code suggests that Samsung might introduce it with an upcoming One UI update.

Samsung‘s introduction of the crash detection feature in its upcoming high-end devices like the Galaxy S24 Ultra and Z Fold5 represents a significant advancement in smartphone safety technology. This move not only aligns Samsung with its competitors but also showcases the brand’s commitment to enhancing user safety through innovative technological solutions.


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