Tech Mahindra Introduces Vision amplifAIer for Streamlined Vision AI Development

Tech Mahindra Introduces Vision amplifAIer for Streamlined Vision AI Development

Mumbai, 3rd October 2023: Tech Mahindra has launched the ‘Vision amplifAIer’ solution, a part of the TechM amplifAI0->∞ suite of AI offerings. The new solution aims to enhance the application of computer vision in enterprises by simplifying and accelerating the development process.

Key Highlights:

  • Vision amplifAIer streamlines computer vision (CV) project management, placing emphasis on simplifying the process.
  • The solution assists in various stages: data pre-processing, understanding use cases, test data preparation, model development, and training.
  • It enables a broader workforce to develop CV use cases without requiring specialized data science skills.
  • Offers pre-built models and generative AI capabilities for synthetic data creation and model repurposing through transfer learning.
  • The tool integrates generative AI models with features like object detection, moderation, extraction, and monitoring for domain-specific use cases.

Tech Mahindra Introduces Vision amplifAIer for Streamlined Vision AI Development

In the realm of computer vision, many enterprises spend substantial time on the initial stages, such as data pre-processing, use case comprehension, test data preparation, and model training. The Vision amplifAIer aims to minimize the time needed for these stages, allowing a diverse range of workers to build CV use cases even if they lack data science expertise. Additionally, the tool offers pre-built models and harnesses the potential of generative AI, facilitating the creation of synthetic data and the repurposing of existing models for fresh use cases via transfer learning.

Hasit Trivedi, CTO – Digital Services and Global Head – AI at Tech Mahindra, remarked, “Computer vision presents a chance for businesses to transform their operational methods and tackle issues. Yet, there are challenges, such as the cost, expertise, and time necessary to construct the use cases, along with ensuring manageability and standardization for responsible adoption. Vision amplifAIer is designed to consolidate complex technology components in an uncomplicated manner, fostering consistency and ease of reuse. This empowers enterprises to progress swiftly, delivering enhanced business outcomes. For us at Tech Mahindra, our goal is to expand AI access in a responsible manner, and Vision amplifAIer is a testament to that commitment.”

Further enriching its capabilities, the Vision amplifAIer combines generative AI models with essential features like object detection, moderation, and monitoring, which are crucial for domain-specific applications. To assist business users, the solution includes an intuitive workbench for overseeing the technology’s lifecycle, from model training to deployment.

Tech Mahindra’s recent initiatives in AI, combined with their understanding of client requirements and proficiency in spearheading digital transformation, position the Vision amplifAIer as a tool poised to bring about substantial efficiency improvements for enterprises. This release aligns with Tech Mahindra’s ongoing commitment to provide innovative AI solutions to enterprises, as evidenced by their recent launches, including Ops amplifAIer, Email amplifAIer, and Generative AI Studio.

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