Rapture Innovation Labs Pvt Ltd Launches Sonic Lamb Headphones

Rapture Innovation Labs Pvt Ltd Launches Sonic Lamb Headphones

Rapture Innovation Labs Pvt Ltd, an audio technology startup, has announced the launch of the Sonic Lamb Headphones. Developed with patented ‘Hybrid Driver Technology’, the headphones aim to provide a unique and immersive audio experience.

Key Highlights:

  • Sonic Lamb Headphones feature ‘Hybrid Driver Technology’.
  • The headphones were tested and tuned at Sound Hub* in Denmark.
  • A product manufactured in India for the global market.
  • Aims to provide a fuller audio experience by replicating the effect of a subwoofer.
  • Sonic Lamb headphones come with a Multimode dial offeglobal marketring four distinct audio modes.
  • Features include Digital Audio Interface, Multipoint connectivity, two internal microphones, and a detachable boom microphone.
  • A dedicated Sonic Lamb App for personalized listening experience.
  • Available for purchase online, with an inaugural price for the first 1000 customers.

Rapture Innovation Labs Pvt Ltd Launches Sonic Lamb Headphones

Sonic Lamb headphones strive to offer more than just auditory pleasure. They are designed to deliver an encompassing experience of sound that one can feel, attributed to the unique ‘Hybrid Driver Technology’. This technology aims to bring an enriched audio experience closer to live music or a HiFi system.

This innovation addresses the missing element in traditional headphones – the ability to reproduce the physical aspect of sound, especially the bass. Hi-fi systems typically use a Subwoofer to reproduce this immersive sound experience, something that most headphones lack.

The ‘Hybrid Driver Technology’, pioneered by Navajith & Jagath, emulates a subwoofer, adding a fresh dimension to personal audio. Unlike conventional headphones that produce sound waves through air, the Sonic Lamb, through its patented technology, combines the transmission of sound waves for vocals and instruments with a proprietary Impulse driver for bass. This unique method uses a combination of air, bone, and skin conduction, promising a comprehensive audio experience without fatigue.

Jagath Biddappa, Co-Founder and CTO of Rapture Innovation Labs Pvt. Ltd., commented on the launch, stating, “Sonic Lamb’s Hybrid Driver Acoustics introduces a blend of hearing and feeling music. It aims to redefine the personal audio experience globally.”

To cater to a broad range of audio preferences, the headphones feature a Multimode dial with four distinct modes:

  • HEAR: Ideal for soft music, audiobooks, podcasts, calls, and meetings.
  • FEEL: For a broader genre where the bass is more pronounced.
  • IMMERSE: Tailored for bass-heavy genres.
  • BEAST: Designed for an enhanced cinematic and gaming experience.

Other notable features include a Digital Audio Interface, allowing for high-resolution wired audio connection, Multipoint connectivity to connect to two Bluetooth devices at once, and two internal microphones. The headphones also come with a detachable boom microphone for gaming enthusiasts.

To further enhance the user experience, the Sonic Lamb App offers a unique two-minute hearing test, enabling custom-tuned sound profiles based on individual hearing sensitivity.

Navajith Karkera, Co-Founder and CEO of Rapture Innovation Labs Pvt Ltd, shared his enthusiasm for the product’s potential, noting the team’s dedication over four years in reshaping the personal audio experience.

Prospective customers can purchase the Sonic Lamb Headphones on their official website in three colors: Obsidian Black, Ember Gray, and Moonstone White. The product is priced at ₹ 19,999, with a special offer of ₹ 15,999 for the first 1000 buyers.

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