Telegram Rolls Out 17 New Features to Improve User Experience

Telegram Rolls Out 17 New Features to Improve User Experience
Explore Telegram’s latest update with 17 new features enhancing user profiles, content discovery, and privacy, making messaging more engaging and personalized.

Telegram, the popular instant messaging app with over 900 million monthly active users, has introduced 17 new features aimed at improving user experience and enhancing communication capabilities. The updates span across various aspects of the platform, from personal profile enhancements to advanced group management tools.

Key Highlights

  • New Recommended Channels feature enhances content discovery.
  • Personalization options expanded with customizable profiles and birthday notifications.
  • Location sharing can now be set indefinitely for easier meet-ups.
  • Enhanced privacy settings allow users to manage reactions and view stories anonymously.
  • Creators can now earn a share of ad revenue through Telegram’s new reward system.

Enhanced Content Discovery and Personalization

Telegram’s new Recommended Channels feature allows users to discover new content that aligns with their interests directly within the search interface. This facilitates easier navigation and engagement with content creators.

The “My Profile” section has been updated to enable users to view and edit their profiles as seen by others. It also allows the pinning of up to three stories, highlighting significant updates or achievements.

Celebrating Connections

Users can now add their birthdays to their profiles, which includes animated confetti and balloons on their special day. Birthdate visibility is adjustable in the privacy settings, ensuring users maintain control over their personal information.

Enhanced Channel Interaction

Channel owners have the opportunity to showcase their channels on their profiles, providing a quick preview of the latest posts. This can help in promoting personal projects or company blogs.

New Features for Usernames and Location Sharing

Telegram has introduced a feature for users to link collectible usernames to their profiles. Additionally, the platform now supports indefinite location sharing, improving convenience for users coordinating meet-ups or tracking travel.

Control Over Notifications and Messages

The new Reaction Notification Settings allow users to tailor their preferences for notifications regarding reactions to their messages or stories.

For forwarded messages, Telegram has added the feature to display the sender’s profile picture, enhancing recognition and simplifying conversation flow.

Advanced Features for Premium Users and Group Admins

Premium users can enjoy animated emojis in polls and the ability to view stories anonymously using Stealth Mode. Group admins benefit from Mass Moderation tools to manage chat interactions more effectively and Reaction Management for channels to limit the number of reactions per post.

Seamless Browsing and Reward System

The Instant View feature on Telegram Desktop ensures users can access web pages instantly. Additionally, a new reward system for channel owners offers them a 50% share of the revenue generated from ads, incentivizing content creation and management.

With these updates, Telegram aims to enrich the messaging experience for its users, providing them with more tools to communicate and interact effectively within the digital space.

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