Casio Launches New Keyboards for Back-to-School Season

Casio's innovative keyboards pave the way for student success this back-to-school season As the back-to-school season approaches, Casio Music remains dedicated to promoting the significance of music learning from an early age. Offering a diverse array of keyboards tailored to various stages of the musical journey, Casio aims to empower young students across diverse age groups and skill levels through their innovative range of keyboards. Here are the top 3 picks from Casio, aimed at nurturing students on their musical journey, providing them with the tools and resources they need to explore music as a creative hobby and nurture it as budding musicians: The Casiotone Mini SA-81 keyboard – the ultimate hobby product for your child's early musical development. With 50 rhythm patterns spanning various genres like pop, ballad, and dance, along with 10 built-in songs to play along with or mute the melody and play solo, this keyboard provides endless opportunities for creative exploration and fun learning. The Casiotone Mini SA-81 embodies the perfect blend of compact design and musical versatility. Perfect for those just beginning to learn, the keyboard features 44 mini keys, it offers an accessible platform for students of younger ages, including those with smaller hands. With 100 high-quality built-in tones covering a spectrum of instruments, the SA-81 empowers students to explore their musical prowess effortlessly. Product link: Price: INR 5498/- For beginners embarking on their musical journey, the CT-S200 emerges as the ultimate choice, exuding a cool quotient and fun vibe that's hard to resist. Its sleek design and vibrant tones make it a stylish companion for students on the move. Featuring 400 built-in tones, 77 rhythms, and a song bank with 60 standard melodies, the CT-S200 offers a comprehensive platform for honing musical skills. With innovative features like Dance Music Mode and Voices, along with connectivity to the CASIO MUSIC SPACE app, learning becomes not only educational but also incredibly enjoyable. Product link: Price: INR 9495/- For high school kids ready to take their musical journey to the next level, the CT-S400 stands as a testament to innovation and inspiration. With 600 tones and AiX Sound Source technology, students can explore a myriad of musical genres and instruments. The CT-S400’s compact design belies its powerful sound capabilities, thanks to Horizontal Bass Reflex technology and custom speakers. Additionally, its sophisticated self-learning app (CASIO MUSC SPACE) enhances the learning experience, making it an ideal companion for students seeking to embark on a musical journey. Furthermore, Bluetooth connectivity enables students to practice their favourite music anytime, anywhere. Link: Price: INR 17,495 These smart and intuitive range of Casiotone keywords are available at the CASIO India Shop, as well as offline and online e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and Flipkart.
Explore Casio's new range of innovative keyboards designed for students this back-to-school season. Perfect for learning and enhancing musical skills.

With the back-to-school season around the corner, Casio Music is introducing a range of keyboards designed to support music education for students of all ages and skill levels. These instruments are intended to make learning music a more engaging and accessible experience.

Key Highlights:

  • Casio introduces three new keyboard models tailored for students.
  • Each model caters to different skill levels, from beginners to advanced musicians.
  • Features include various built-in tones, rhythms, and song banks.

Casio’s Keyboards: Enhancing Music Education

Casiotone Mini SA-81: A Starter Keyboard for Young Musicians The Casiotone Mini SA-81 is aimed at young learners, featuring 44 mini keys suitable for small hands and offering 100 built-in tones. This model provides 50 rhythm patterns across genres and 10 songs that players can use to practice. The SA-81 is priced at INR 5,498 and is available for purchase through Casio’s website and other online retailers.

CT-S200: A Stylish Option for Beginners The CT-S200 is designed for beginner musicians seeking a mix of style and functionality. It includes 400 built-in tones, 77 rhythms, and a song bank with 60 standard melodies. Its Dance Music Mode and connectivity with the CASIO MUSIC SPACE app make it a versatile choice for new players. The CT-S200 is priced at INR 9,495.

CT-S400: Advanced Features for Experienced Students For more advanced students, the CT-S400 offers 600 tones and utilizes AiX Sound Source technology to produce high-quality sound. This keyboard also features Bluetooth connectivity and an integrated learning app, making it a comprehensive tool for musical development. The CT-S400 is priced at INR 17,495.

Casio’s new keyboards are available at the CASIO India Shop and through major e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart.

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