Tinder Launches “Love Style” Feature to Enhance User Connections

Tinder Launches "Love Style" Feature to Enhance User Connections

Tinder, a widely used dating app, recently introduced its “Love Style” feature in India on February 15, 2024. This new function allows users to select their preferred love language—options include compliments, thoughtful gestures, spending time together, giving presents, or physical touch. By showcasing these preferences on their profiles, users can more easily connect with others who share similar values and interests in expressing affection.

Key Highlights:

  • Tinder’s “Love Style” feature enables users to express their love language preferences on their profiles.
  • There has been a 50% year-over-year increase in Tinder users mentioning ‘love languages’ in their bios.
  • A significant 82% of users find it important to understand their matches’ love styles early in the dating process.
  • The feature was developed in collaboration with Gen Z romance author Nona Uppal, aiming to facilitate deeper and more meaningful connections among users.
  • A quiz developed by Nona Uppal is available to help users in India discover their love language.

Tinder Launches "Love Style" Feature to Enhance User Connections

Aahana Dhar, Tinder’s Communications Director in India, noted the changing dynamics of dating among Gen Z, highlighting that “Time Together” is the most preferred love style, chosen by 50% of young singles both globally and in India. This preference underscores the importance this generation places on authenticity and shared experiences.

Nona Uppal, the author involved in the campaign, emphasized that Gen Z’s approach to dating is characterized by a desire for transparency and meaningful conversation early on. She believes that understanding and expressing one’s Love Style is a step toward reducing uncertainty and building genuine connections.

Uppal also provided insights into how to cater to each Love Style, offering date ideas that range from virtual game nights for those who value “Time Together” to personalized gifts for the “Presents” love style. Other suggestions include thoughtful gestures, such as sending a heartfelt text or creating a scrapbook for those who appreciate compliments, and ensuring comfort with physical touch through respectful affectionate gestures.

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