Truecaller Rolls Out Free Voice Calling Feature in India

Truecaller introduces free voice calling feature Truecaller Voice in India, allowing users to make internet-based calls directly through the app.

In a significant update for its Indian user base, Truecaller has rolled out a new feature that closely mirrors a functionality popularized by WhatsApp, elevating the call identification experience to new heights. This latest development not only marks a pivotal enhancement in combating spam calls on WhatsApp but also signifies Truecaller’s ongoing commitment to user security and convenience.

Truecaller, renowned for its caller identification and spam blocking services, has now extended its capabilities to WhatsApp calls. The integration enables Truecaller to identify and block spam calls made through WhatsApp, addressing the growing concern over scam calls that have been plaguing users. The feature, currently available in Truecaller’s beta version, is anticipated to launch globally in its stable release by May 2023.

The process to activate Truecaller’s caller ID for WhatsApp is straightforward and involves a few simple steps. Users are required to join the Truecaller beta program via the Google Play Store and enable the caller ID function within the Truecaller settings. Once activated, Truecaller will identify incoming WhatsApp calls from unknown numbers, providing users with the option to accept or reject these calls based on the provided caller ID information. It’s important to note that this functionality applies solely to calls from numbers not stored in the user’s phonebook and does not extend to WhatsApp Business or other applications as of the current update.

Furthermore, Truecaller has articulated that its feature will function on both Android and iOS platforms, with the iOS version requiring no additional steps for activation. The service is accessible to all Truecaller users, regardless of whether they are on the free or premium version of the app. The inclusion of this feature underscores Truecaller’s dedication to enhancing call security and user privacy across diverse messaging platforms.

This update is poised to significantly reduce the frequency and impact of spam calls made through WhatsApp, providing users with a more secure and controlled communication environment. By leveraging Truecaller’s robust call identification technology, users can now enjoy a seamless and spam-free calling experience on one of the world’s most popular messaging platforms.

As Truecaller continues to evolve and expand its service offerings, this feature is a testament to the company’s innovative approach to addressing user needs and security concerns. The anticipation surrounding the global rollout of this functionality highlights the critical role of advanced call identification technologies in today’s digital communication landscape.

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