U&i Launches Dynamic Series Wireless Neckband and Turbo Series Power Bank

U&i, a prominent brand in gadgets, accessories, and consumer electronics in India, has unveiled two new mobile accessories designed for people on the move. The recently launched Dynamic Series Wireless Neckband and Turbo Series Power Bank are set to make waves in the audio and charging landscape this New Year.

Key Highlights:

  • U&i launches Dynamic Series Wireless Neckband and Turbo Series Power Bank.
  • Dynamic Series Wireless Neckband offers seamless audio quality with Noise Reduction (ENC).
  • Turbo Series Power Bank boasts a 10000mAh capacity and PD 22.5W output.

U&i Launches Dynamic Series Wireless Neckband and Turbo Series Power Bank

U&i Dynamic Series Wireless Neckband: The Dynamic Series Wireless Neckband is tailored for users seeking top-notch audio quality on the go. Equipped with Noise Reduction (ENC) technology, it ensures crystal-clear call quality even in noisy environments. Built with Bluetooth Version 5.3, the Dynamic Series provides instant pairing and uninterrupted connectivity within a 10-meter range. With an impressive 60 hours of playtime and 500 hours of standby time, this neckband offers unmatched convenience for the active user. Its magnetic control feature allows for rapid on/off functionality in just 3 seconds, making it an ideal companion for those with a busy lifestyle. The Dynamic Series caters to music enthusiasts, professionals, and anyone in need of high-performance audio solutions.

U&i Turbo Series Power Bank: Accompanying the wireless neckband is the Turbo Series Power Bank, featuring a unique semi-transparent design with LED lighting, giving it a premium appearance. With a substantial 10000mAh capacity, this power bank serves as a reliable energy source. Equipped with a PD 22.5W output, it ensures efficient charging for various devices like smartphones, smartwatches, and TWS earbuds. The device boasts both USB and Type-C ports and can automatically detect the connected device, providing the correct voltage and wattage for efficient and speedy charging. The Turbo Series Power Bank is designed to meet the needs of users seeking a dependable, high-capacity charging solution to keep their devices powered throughout the day.

Pricing and Availability: The Dynamic Series Wireless Neckband is competitively priced at INR 2,699, while the Turbo Series Power Bank comes at INR 2,999. Both products are available for purchase at U&i outlets and leading retail stores across India.

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