upGrad Utilizes AI for Vernacular Language Learning

upGrad Utilizes AI for Vernacular Language Learning

upGrad, a leading provider of integrated learning, skilling, and workforce development in Asia, announced its initiative to translate popular Bootcamps & Certifications into vernacular languages using AI. This move aims to make education more accessible to freshers and working professionals, especially in Tier 2 cities and beyond in India, where regional languages dominate. The initiative will initially cover Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Bengali, with the goal of deepening its penetration across the region.

Key Highlights:

  • upGrad targets a broader audience by translating its courses into vernacular languages, starting with Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Bengali.
  • Over 40% of upGrad’s learner base is from Tier 2 cities, where regional languages are prevalent.
  • The initiative includes strong human interventions through counsellors and buddies fluent in local languages.
  • Courses in Engineering, Data Science, AI, and more are included, with plans to expand into Cybersecurity, Blockchain, and foreign languages in Phase 2.
  • The approach aligns with the Government of India’s goals to foster cultural connection and cognitive development.

upGrad Utilizes AI for Vernacular Language Learning

upGrad is set to enrich its educational offerings by implementing AI-driven translations of its popular Bootcamps and Certifications into multiple Indian languages. This strategy is in response to the significant portion of its learners coming from regions where English is less common. Asheesh Sharma, President of Certifications and Bootcamps at upGrad, emphasized the importance of this initiative for reaching deeper into the Indian market, especially in households where regional languages are more commonly spoken.

The company plans to integrate pedagogical strategies with human elements, including counsellors and buddies who can communicate in the learners’ native languages. This is intended to make learning more accessible and convenient for individuals across the diverse national landscape. The selected courses for translation reflect upGrad’s established areas of expertise and are based on regional demand and insights.

In addition to the technology-driven aspects of this initiative, upGrad focuses on providing personalized guidance through in-house tech tools used by counsellors. This approach supports learners in making informed decisions about their education and career paths. Sharma also addressed the broader objectives of the initiative, including correcting misconceptions about online learning and increasing the employability of graduates in India.

upGrad’s investment in AI and its application in curriculum development and teaching methods signifies a pivotal moment for the company. The initiative not only aims to enhance learner engagement but also to broaden the acceptance and utility of professional education across different age groups and professional backgrounds. Looking forward, upGrad may expand these services to corporate training sessions, further personalizing learning experiences for a wider audience. The company, headquartered in India, has experienced significant growth and aims to continue expanding its learner base in the coming year.

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