Valentine’s Day Gifts from BOULT: A Guide to Choosing the Right Tech Accessory

Valentine’s Day is a time to express appreciation and affection towards loved ones. BOULT offers a range of tech accessories designed to cater to different preferences and needs, providing a thoughtful way to celebrate the occasion.

Key Highlights:

  • BOULT presents a selection of tech gifts for Valentine’s Day, including earbuds, smartwatches, and fitness trackers.
  • The products are designed with specific features to appeal to various lifestyles and preferences, from high-quality audio to fitness tracking.
  • Prices range from INR 1299 to INR 2399, aiming to offer options for different budgets.

Valentine's Day Gifts from BOULT: A Guide to Choosing the Right Tech Accessory

Valentine’s Day serves as an opportunity to show loved ones their significance in our lives. BOULT’s lineup of tech gifts for this year offers a blend of functionality and style, aimed at resonating with the tastes of different individuals.

Z60 for Her: A Blend of Style and Sound Quality

The Z60 is tailored for those who prioritize both aesthetics and audio performance, offering a premium sound experience with deep bass and clear treble at INR 1299.

Drift 2 Smartwatch: Designed for the Modern Woman

Targeting tech-savvy women, the Drift 2 combines functionality with fashion, featuring a 1.85-inch HD display and supporting over 100 sports modes. It also includes a menstrual cycle tracker, priced at INR 1499.

Astra: For Outdoor Enthusiasts

The Astra smartwatch is crafted for individuals who love adventure, offering a sturdy design along with fitness and health tracking capabilities for INR 1299.

Sterling Pro: Sophistication on the Wrist

The Sterling Pro smartwatch appeals to those who appreciate elegance and clarity, featuring an AMOLED display and a zinc alloy frame, available at INR 2199.

Crown R Pro: Style Meets Functionality

This smartwatch offers a blend of design and versatility, with health tracking and sports modes for individuals who value both, priced at INR 2399.

Z40 Pro Earbuds: For the Music Lover

With 100 hours of playback and powerful drivers, the Z40 Pro earbuds are ideal for extended listening sessions, available at INR 1499.

Mirage Smartwatch: Technology Meets Design

Offering 500 Nits of brightness and features like health tracking and an AI voice assistant, the Mirage is designed for those who love technology, priced at INR 1799.

These products are accessible for purchase through the official BOULT website, providing a range of options to make this Valentine’s Day memorable with a gift that matches your partner’s interests and lifestyle.

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