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What’s New and Improved in Android 15 — A Comprehensive Rundown

What's New and Improved in Android 15

Android 15, the latest iteration of Google’s mobile operating system, is set to bring a host of new features and improvements that enhance user experience, security, and performance. Here’s a detailed look at what’s new and improved in Android 15 so far.

Improved User Interface and Experience

Haptic Feedback Enhancements
One of the notable UI improvements in Android 15 is the addition of haptic feedback for the brightness and volume sliders. This subtle feedback provides a more tactile and intuitive experience when adjusting these settings, enhancing overall usability.

Partial Screen Recording
Android 15 introduces partial screen recording, allowing users to record only a specific app window rather than the entire screen. This feature is particularly useful for privacy and focused content sharing.

Edge-to-Edge Displays
With the new update, apps can now display content that covers the entire width of the screen, even around the gesture navigation bar. This change aims to create a more immersive viewing experience, especially on larger devices like tablets.

Persistent Taskbar
For foldable devices and tablets, Android 15 includes a persistent taskbar at the bottom of the screen, making multitasking more efficient by allowing quick access to frequently used apps.

Enhanced Security and Privacy

Privacy Sandbox
Android 15 integrates the latest version of the Privacy Sandbox, a feature designed to improve user privacy while enabling effective personalized advertising. This includes advanced controls and protections to ensure user data is secure and used responsibly.

File Integrity
The update also includes the FileIntegrityManager API, which leverages the fs-verity feature from the Linux kernel to protect files with cryptographic signatures. This ensures that files have not been tampered with, safeguarding against malware and unauthorized modifications.

Performance and Multitasking

Dynamic Performance Framework
Android 15 continues to build on the Android Dynamic Performance Framework (ADPF), which provides APIs for better power and thermal management. New features include a power-efficiency mode for long-running background tasks and improved thermal management to prevent overheating during intensive use.

Multitasking Improvements
Multitasking gets a significant boost with the ability to save split-screen app pairs, allowing users to launch two apps simultaneously in a pre-configured split-screen view. This feature enhances productivity by simplifying the process of switching between frequently used app combinations.

Camera and Audio Enhancements

Advanced Camera Controls
Developers now have more control over camera hardware with new APIs that allow for adjustments to flash intensity and low-light enhancements. These improvements aim to provide better photo quality and more flexible camera settings for apps.

Audio Sharing
A new audio sharing feature allows users to cast music to multiple Bluetooth devices simultaneously, making it easier to share audio without needing to swap earbuds. This feature is still being fine-tuned but promises to add a new layer of convenience for media consumption.

Additional Features and Tweaks

Bluetooth Tile Update
The Bluetooth quick settings tile now includes a dialog box that shows paired devices and allows for easy switching and pairing of new devices, streamlining the connectivity process.

System File Management
Android 15 introduces a clearer division in system storage settings, separating Android system files from temporary system files. This change helps users better understand and manage their device storage.

Health Connect Integration
The update extends support for Health Connect, a centralized platform for managing health and fitness data. New data types and enhanced security features make it easier for users to control and share their health information securely.


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