WhatsApp to Suggest Contacts for New Chats – Feature Coming Soon

WhatsApp to Suggest Contacts for New Chats – Feature Coming Soon
WhatsApp's latest feature will suggest contacts to chat with, fostering new conversations and reconnecting with old friends.

WhatsApp is working on a new feature that could change how you rediscover old contacts and start new conversations. The popular messaging app is developing the ability to suggest contacts that you may want to chat with based on your contact list and past conversations. This feature has already been spotted in beta versions of WhatsApp for both Android and iOS, indicating an imminent rollout for all users.

This new functionality aims to streamline communication by prompting users to reconnect with individuals they haven’t spoken to in a while. It’s designed to address the common scenario where someone might want to reach out to a friend or acquaintance but forgets due to the busyness of daily life. WhatsApp’s suggested contact feature will present recommendations positioned conveniently at the bottom of your chats list.

While initially reported as an Android-only feature, recent updates indicate that iPhone users will also receive this enhancement. Beta testers are already getting a taste of the new feature, providing valuable feedback to WhatsApp’s developers. If you prefer not to see suggestions, the feature can reportedly be easily turned off.

The contact suggestion tool aims to help users rediscover old connections or initiate new conversations. It will likely prioritize contacts with whom you’ve had limited or no prior interaction on WhatsApp. The feature will reportedly appear as a dedicated section at the bottom of your chats list, providing easy access to reconnect or start fresh conversations.

While WhatsApp hasn’t officially announced this feature, reliable sources like WABetaInfo have shared screenshots and information about its existence. While currently available only to select beta testers, it’s expected to roll out more widely in future updates.

The potential addition of contact suggestions in WhatsApp could streamline and encourage more connections within the app’s already expansive user base. We’ll continue to monitor the development of this feature and provide updates as it becomes more widely available.

This contact suggestion tool arrives amidst a flurry of new WhatsApp features aimed at boosting user engagement and overall experience. While the date remains unconfirmed, WhatsApp’s work on contact suggestions means the feature will likely be available on your smartphone within the coming weeks.


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