YouTube Introduces Branded QR Codes and Expands WNBA Coverage

YouTube introduces branded QR codes to enhance marketing and expands WNBA coverage with extensive live broadcasts and streaming options for the 2024 season.

In a significant move to enhance user engagement and expand sports content, YouTube has announced two major updates: the introduction of branded QR codes and an expansion of its WNBA coverage.

Branded QR Codes

YouTube is introducing branded QR codes as a new feature for advertisers and content creators. These QR codes, when scanned, will direct users to a specific YouTube video, channel, or playlist, making it easier for viewers to access content directly from offline media like posters, flyers, and TV ads. This feature aims to bridge the gap between offline and online marketing, providing a seamless experience for users to engage with branded content.

The branded QR codes are customizable, allowing creators to match the aesthetics of their brand. This move is expected to boost engagement metrics by simplifying the process of reaching desired content and providing advertisers with more precise tracking and analytics of how their offline marketing efforts convert into online views.

Expansion of WNBA Coverage

Increased Broadcast and Streaming Options

YouTube’s partnership with the WNBA continues to grow, reflecting a broader commitment to women’s sports. For the 2024 season, YouTube TV will be the presenting partner for the WNBA Finals, highlighting the importance of this collaboration. The expanded coverage will include a record number of live games, providing fans with unprecedented access to WNBA action.

ESPN and ABC Involvement

ESPN, a long-time broadcaster of WNBA games, will feature 25 regular season games, including the highly anticipated AT&T WNBA All-Star Game. The season kicks off with an ESPN2 doubleheader featuring teams like the Indiana Fever and the Connecticut Sun, followed by Las Vegas hosting Phoenix​​.

ABC will also play a crucial role, presenting several key matchups, including a doubleheader featuring New York and Indiana, and Las Vegas against Los Angeles on May 18​. This broad coverage ensures that fans across different platforms can enjoy live WNBA action.

ION Television’s Increased Role

ION Television will continue its “State Farm WNBA Friday Night Spotlight” with an extended schedule of 43 games, the most by any single network. This includes doubleheader matchups and a studio show providing in-depth analysis and coverage​. ION’s ability to reach every U.S. television household makes it a pivotal partner in expanding the WNBA’s audience.

WNBA App and League Pass

The WNBA App has been reimagined to offer a more immersive experience for fans. It will provide live and on-demand access to over 150 games via the WNBA League Pass. The app also features real-time notifications, social-style vertical videos, and customizable viewing options, keeping fans engaged year-round​.

Collaboration with Athletes Unlimited

For the second consecutive year, the WNBA App will stream games from Athletes Unlimited, a network of professional women’s sports leagues. This collaboration underscores the WNBA’s commitment to providing diverse content and expanding the reach of women’s basketball​.

YouTube’s introduction of branded QR codes and expanded WNBA coverage represents a strategic effort to enhance user engagement and support women’s sports. By providing more accessible content and innovative marketing tools, YouTube is setting a new standard for online and offline media integration.


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