Amazon Pay Introduces Sign Language KYC for Hearing and Speech Impaired

Amazon Pay has launched a video sign language Know Your Customer (KYC) service for hearing and speech impaired customers in India. This service, a first in the digital payments sector, allows two-way video communication in sign language between Amazon Pay employees and customers. It aims to simplify the KYC process for those who depend on sign language and to broaden the inclusivity of digital payments.

Key Highlights:

  • Amazon Pay introduces a video sign language KYC service for hearing and speech impaired customers.
  • The initiative aims to simplify KYC processes and make digital payments more inclusive.
  • Over 120 Amazon Pay employees have been trained in Indian sign language to provide this service.
  • The service is a part of Amazon’s broader commitment to a digitally empowered and inclusive India.
  • Customers, like Rajendra Kumar from Nagpur, have already expressed satisfaction with the new service.

Amazon Pay Introduces Sign Language KYC for Hearing and Speech Impaired

Vikas Bansal, Director of Payments and Financial Services at IN Payments, commented on the launch, stating that the sign-language video KYC service extends Amazon Pay’s focus on customer service and financial inclusion. The service enables customers with disabilities to complete video KYC easily and securely, offering them the benefits of a digital wallet for their everyday payment needs.

Amazon Pay has trained over 120 employees in Indian sign language to provide video-based KYC services across India. This training, developed by the in-house team, is designed to improve communication with hearing and speech-impaired customers effectively.

Deepti Varma, Vice President of People Experience and Technology at Amazon Stores India, Japan, and Emerging Markets, discussed the initiative’s alignment with Amazon’s culture of inclusivity. Amazon’s efforts to create an inclusive experience extend from its diverse workforce and inclusive culture to equity-centered services for customers. The sign-language video KYC initiative is a part of Amazon’s ongoing effort to improve accessibility for people with disabilities.

A customer, Rajendra Kumar from Nagpur, shared his positive experience with Amazon Pay’s video KYC service, noting its convenience compared to the previous voice call-based KYC processes, which posed challenges for people like him with hearing difficulties.

In addition to this initiative, Amazon has launched several programs to enhance the experience of customers with disabilities in India. These include ‘Listen-Ins for Accessibility’ and the establishment of accessibility support teams within the Amazon Digital, Device, and Alexa Support (D2AS) organization. These teams, many of which are based in India, offer customer service across multiple global marketplaces and are trained in Assistive Technologies and Accessibility features on Amazon devices.

Amazon’s commitment to inclusivity goes beyond this initiative, encompassing efforts to cultivate an inclusive culture that offers equal opportunities for all employees, including women, the LGBTQIA+ community, military veterans, and differently-abled individuals. This commitment is reflected in Amazon’s diverse workforce, policies, programs, and initiatives aimed at promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.

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