Telegram’s Latest Update Introduces 11 New User-Centric Features

Telegram, the instant messaging app, has introduced 11 new features in its latest update. This development is part of Telegram’s continuous efforts to improve its service for its more than 800 million monthly active users. The update includes enhancements such as a ‘Similar Channels’ feature for easier discovery of new content and a ‘Reposting Stories’ function to amplify shared stories.

Key Highlights:

  • Telegram’s update introduces 11 new features aimed at improving user experience.
  • The ‘Similar Channels’ feature enables users to easily discover new channels related to their interests.
  • ‘Reposting Stories’ allows users to share stories with additional content, ensuring a richer storytelling experience while maintaining privacy.

Telegram's Latest Update Introduces 11 New User-Centric Features

Similar Channels: This feature simplifies the process of discovering new public channels. Upon joining a channel, users are presented with a list of similar channels. This list is automatically generated based on similarities in subscriber bases, facilitating the discovery of content that aligns with the user’s interests. Additionally, users can access this list directly from a channel’s profile.

Reposting Stories: The update also includes a feature for reposting stories. Users can now share stories from friends and favorite channels with just two taps, with the added ability to include extra content like text, audio, or video comments. This feature enhances the storytelling experience while also respecting user privacy. Reposting is limited to stories visible to ‘Everyone,’ providing a balance between shareability and privacy protection. To repost a story, users simply tap the share arrow and select ‘Repost Story.’

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