Apollo Hospitals Introduces ZAP-X for Brain Tumor Treatment in South Asia

Apollo Hospitals Introduces ZAP-X for Brain Tumor Treatment in South Asia

Apollo Hospitals Group, India’s foremost healthcare provider, launched the ZAP-X Gyroscopic Radiosurgery Platform, a notable development in the treatment of brain tumors, being the first in South Asia to offer such advanced technology. The ZAP-X system is designed to provide a non-invasive, pain-free treatment option for patients, with sessions lasting only 30 minutes, establishing a new standard in treatment precision and patient comfort through minimal radiation exposure.

Key Highlights:

  • Non-invasive, 30-minute treatment sessions for brain tumors.
  • Precision targeting with minimal radiation exposure enhances patient safety.
  • Suitable for treating a wide range of conditions, including Primary & Metastatic Brain tumors, Arteriovenous Malformations, and more.
  • Over 95% control rate in 10 years, with minimal side effects.
  • Enables outpatient treatment, allowing patients to return home post-treatment.

Apollo Hospitals Introduces ZAP-X for Brain Tumor Treatment in South Asia

Apollo Hospitals has integrated the ZAP-X technology into their neurological care, offering an innovative alternative to traditional brain tumor treatment methods. This technology utilizes a self-shielded, gyroscopic linear accelerator design that accurately focuses radiation on the tumor, minimizing exposure to healthy brain tissue and reducing the risk to critical structures such as the brain stem and optic nerves.

Dr. Prathap Chandra Reddy, Founder Chairman of Apollo Hospitals Group, emphasized the hospital’s dedication to providing exceptional care and making such advanced technology accessible to patients not only in India but across various geographies. The introduction of ZAP-X is seen as a significant advancement in the battle against non-communicable diseases, including cancer.

Prof. John R. Adler, Founder and CEO of Zap Surgical and Professor of Neurosurgery at Stanford School of Medicine, highlighted the importance of stereotactic radiosurgery as a major medical advancement. The ZAP-X system allows for treatments to be completed in an outpatient setting, often enabling patients to resume normal activities the same day without the need for surgical intervention.

The Apollo Institute of Neurosciences stands at the forefront of neurological care innovation, with a record of over 180,000 successful neurosurgeries. Its commitment to adopting advanced technologies like AI for better diagnosis and treatment, along with the introduction of the ZAP-X platform, further solidifies Apollo’s position as a leader in healthcare and patient treatment advancements.

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