Canon SELPHY Photo Printers Celebrate 20 Years

Canon SELPHY Photo Printers Celebrate 20 Years
Canon's popular SELPHY compact photo printers mark 20 years of easy, durable photo printing. Learn about their history and features.

Canon Inc. today announced the 20th anniversary of its SELPHY series of compact photo printers. The popular series provides an easy way to print photos and offers a range of creative options.

Key Highlights

  • Canon’s SELPHY series of compact photo printers turns 20
  • SELPHY printers use dye sublimation for durable prints
  • Over 17 million SELPHY printers sold worldwide
  • Canon to continue developing the SELPHY line

Born in 2004 to meet the rising demand for photo prints from digital cameras, the SELPHY series has seen 31 different products launched to date. Over 17 million units have been sold worldwide as of December 31, 2023.

The “SELPHY” name combines “self” and “photography,” reflecting Canon’s goal of making photo printing an easy and personal experience. SELPHY printers use a dye sublimation process to create durable, long-lasting prints. Their compact size also enhances portability. Canon’s printers have gained wide popularity for their ability to produce prints on the spot, useful for everything from sharing memories to creating wedding decorations.

SELPHY’s Evolution

Canon first entered the photo printing market in April 2001 with the CP-10 dye sublimation printer. The SELPHY brand debuted in 2004 with the CP500 and CP400 models. Since then, Canon has consistently updated the line with features like LCD monitors, memory card printing, Wi-Fi connectivity, and battery-powered designs. The SELPHY SQUARE QX10 was introduced in 2020, targeting users wanting a compact printer for on-the-go use. The latest model, the SELPHY CP1500, arrived in September 2022 and boasts automated color correction.

Supporting Tools and Trends

The SELPHY Photo Layout app offers features like collage creation, filters, stamps, and various layout options, including printable stickers. The SELPHY series also supports the popularity of square photo formats, commonly used on social media.

“Going forward, Canon will continue to provide new ways of enjoying and using photos and aim to make contributions to photo and video culture by continuing to expand the SELPHY series alongside the changing times while satisfying a wide variety of users,” said Canon Inc.

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