Drone Destination Expands Operations Across India

Drone Destination Expands Operations Across India
Explore Drone Destination's expansive rollout of drone hubs across India, enhancing drone services, education, and sports nationwide.

Drone Destination announced today the launch of “#Everything Drones,” an initiative aimed at establishing a comprehensive network of drone services across India. The company, a recognized player in the drone industry, plans to deploy 250 fixed and mobile “Drone Hubs” over the next three months, with an ambition to exceed 1000 hubs in the next two years.

Key Highlights:

  • Drone Destination to roll out 250 “Drone Hubs” in three months, targeting over 1000 in two years.
  • New services under “#EverythingDrones” include Drone Hub on Wheels, Drone Shiksha, and Drone Kaushal.
  • Partnership with Hubblefly Batteries to enhance drone performance.
  • Launch of Drone Soccer in association with the Drone Soccer Association of India.

Expansion and Innovation Drone Destination aims to provide integrated drone solutions through its new “Drone Hub on Wheels,” which combines sales, repairs, and training services under one mobile unit. The company has also introduced educational programs such as Drone Shiksha and Drone Kaushal to foster drone knowledge from a young age and equip future professionals with necessary skills.

A strategic partnership with Hubblefly Batteries Private Limited will allow the use of advanced drone batteries in all Drone Destination activities, ensuring improved performance and reliability. Moreover, the company has ventured into sports with the introduction of Drone Soccer, in collaboration with the Drone Soccer Association of India, promoting an inclusive sport accessible to a wide demographic.

Statements from Leadership Mr. Alok Sharma, Chairman of Drone Destination, commented, “With our expansion plans and the introduction of diverse services, we aim to address critical gaps in the industry and contribute to India’s technological advancement in line with national initiatives like Make in India.”

Mr. Chirag Sharma, MD of Drone Destination, added, “Our comprehensive approach with #EverythingDrones is set to significantly boost our growth, impacting various sectors including agriculture, urban planning, and infrastructure.”

Disclaimer and Forward-looking Statements The press release includes forward-looking statements based on current expectations. These are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially. The company disclaims any obligation to update these forward-looking statements.

This article provides a clear overview of Drone Destination’s expansion plans and new service offerings as part of their #EverythingDrones initiative, aimed at strengthening the drone ecosystem across India.

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