Casio Teams with Toyota for New G-SHOCK MUDMAN Watch

Discover the new G-SHOCK MUDMAN GW-9500TLC, a durable watch collaboration between Casio and Toyota, built for extreme conditions.

Casio has partnered with Toyota to launch a new edition of their durable watch line, the G-SHOCK MUDMAN GW-9500TLC. This latest model, developed in collaboration with the Toyota Land Cruiser team, combines advanced durability with specialized design, ideal for extreme environments.

Key Highlights:

  • The G-SHOCK MUDMAN GW-9500TLC is designed for extreme durability, crafted to withstand harsh environments like dust and mud.
  • It features a new sand-colored band with a black splatter pattern and a stainless-steel bezel that is ion plated in black.
  • The watch is equipped with a duplex LCD for easy navigation and radio-controlled calibration for precise timekeeping.
  • Available for purchase at Casio India stores and online, priced at INR 24,995.

Details of the Collaboration

The G-SHOCK MUDMAN GW-9500TLC-1 marks the third evolution in the MUDMAN series, part of the Master of G series known for resilience. This edition brings a robust Carbon Core Guard structure, enhancing its resistance to tough conditions.

Reflecting the spirit of the Team Land Cruiser Toyota Auto Body (TLC), which has participated in the challenging Dakar Rally, the watch is designed to perform under the toughest conditions. The design incorporates the TLC team colors—blue, white, and red—and includes the team logo on the band and case back.

Design and Functionality

The GW-9500TLC model introduces stainless steel bezel components, a first for the MUDMAN series, offering a blend of strength and aesthetic appeal. The watch’s band mimics the visual effect of racing through deserts, adding to its rugged appeal.

Functionally, the watch stands out with its sophisticated duplex LCD, which displays essential data clearly to aid navigation in challenging situations. Its radio-controlled calibration ensures accuracy, crucial for timing in extreme sports and adventures.

Availability and Pricing

The G-SHOCK MUDMAN GW-9500TLC is available at a price of INR 24,995. It can be purchased at any Casio India store or online through Casio’s official website.

This collaboration between Casio and Toyota symbolizes a shared commitment to quality and exploration, offering a reliable tool for adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts alike.


With the release of the G-SHOCK MUDMAN GW-9500TLC, Casio and Toyota continue to set standards for collaboration in watchmaking, combining toughness with innovative design to meet the demands of extreme environments.

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