Dylect Introduces New Auto Equipment: Smart Tyre Inflator & Car Vacuum Cleaner


Dylect has unveiled two new additions to its auto equipment range: the Smart Tyre Inflator and Car Vacuum Cleaner. The company’s launch introduces innovative solutions for vehicle maintenance, catering to the needs of efficient interior cleaning and tire inflation. The vacuum cleaners feature strong suction capabilities and an ergonomic design, while the tyre inflators are equipped with an auto-cut-off safety feature, digital display, and a variety of other functionalities, including a portable charger option for smart devices.

Key Highlights:

  • The Smart Tyre Inflator range includes five new products, with features such as auto-cut-off, digital display, and compatibility with various inflatables.
  • Six new Car Vacuum Cleaner models have been launched, equipped with a stainless-steel HEPA filter and varying suction powers, suitable for deep cleaning vehicle interiors.
  • The Turbo Sweep 600 Pro Vacuum Cleaner stands out with a 16,000-suction power and the ability to perform a wide range of cleaning tasks beyond vehicles.
  • The DYLECT Turbo Sweep 400 functions both as a Car Vacuum Cleaner and a Tyre Inflator, offering dual functionality in a single device.
  • Products are now available on Amazon, accompanied by special launch offers.

Dylect’s new products in the Auto equipment category include the innovative DYLECT Turbo PowerBank 600 Dual, which doubles as a power bank and a tyre inflator, and the DYLECT Turbo PowerBank 720, which serves triple duties as a power bank, tyre inflator, and Car Battery Jump Starter. The introduction of these products is aimed at enhancing the convenience and functionality for car owners and outdoor enthusiasts.

Mr. Anuj Bhatia, Managing Director of Dylect, commented on the launch, emphasizing the company’s commitment to integrating innovative technology into everyday life and enhancing the driving experience for customers. The new range of products is a testament to Dylect’s focus on convenience, performance, and reliability in vehicle maintenance tools.

The products are designed to offer a blend of performance and convenience, ensuring that car owners have the best tools for their vehicle upkeep. Available for purchase on Amazon, these new offerings from Dylect come with attractive launch deals for customers.

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