Milagrow Launches New Range of Robotic Cleaners in India

Milagrow Launches New Range of Robotic Cleaners in India

Milagrow Humantech, a consumer robotics brand based in India, has introduced a new series of robotic floor cleaners named iMap 23 Black, iMap 14, and BlackCat23. These products feature advanced technologies such as the proprietary RT2R software, 2.0 Lidar Navigation, and high-capacity batteries, aiming to offer users enhanced cleaning efficiency, intelligent navigation, and smart home compatibility.

Key Highlights:

  • Introduction of iMap 23 Black, iMap 14, and BlackCat23 models with advanced navigation and smart home integration.
  • The iMap 23 Black model is designed for hands-free operation, capable of covering multiple floors with its extensive mapping capability.
  • iMap 14 offers efficient cleaning over large areas with high suction power and smart navigation.
  • BlackCat 23 features gyro mapping technology for real-time cleaning progress and full wet mopping capabilities.
  • All models support voice control and remote operation through IoT and Alexa integration.
  • Available for purchase through Amazon, the Milagrow website, Croma retail stores, and a nationwide distribution network.

Milagrow’s latest offerings, the iMap 23 Black, iMap 14, and BlackCat23, come equipped with the company’s proprietary RT2R-Real time terrain recognition technology, enhancing cleaning performance through intelligent navigation and smart home integration. The iMap 23 Black, priced starting at ₹49,900, stands out with its self-emptying feature, 4-liter dustbin, and the ability to clean hands-free for over 70 days. It supports up to 5 floor maps, uses RT2R 2.0 Navigation Technology, and is powered by a 5200mAh battery for up to 4 hours of runtime.

The iMap 14, available from ₹29,990, offers autonomous navigation and cleaning across areas up to 3000 SQFT, featuring a smart laser navigation system, 3200Pa suction power, and a 5200mAh battery for extended cleaning sessions. Meanwhile, the BlackCat 23 range, starting at ₹16,990, provides efficient cleaning with gyro mapping technology, a 310ml water tank for wet mopping, and a 2600mAh battery.

Amit Gupta, VP of Milagrow Humantech, expressed the company’s commitment to innovation and customer convenience with the launch of these products. Available online through Milagrow’s platform, Amazon, and offline via Croma retail stores and a broad distribution network, the new Milagrow robotic cleaners aim to enhance the cleaning experience with their advanced features and technology.

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