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Exclusive Interview with Mr. Aneef Tas, CEO of Endefo, a Dubai based Smart Wearable Brand

Aneef T.A.S - CEO of Endefo

Aneef T.A.S CEO of Endefo

We have recently had a chance to sit with Mr. Aneef Tas, CEO of a Dubai based Smart Wearable Brand – Endefo. Recently, they announced the investment of 200 crores in the Smart Wearable Technology for the Indian Market and launched 6 new products for the masses which includes:

1. Portable Speakers
2. Earbuds
3. Boom Boxes
4. Smart Watch
5. Sound Bars

They are targeting a 10% market share in the Smart Wearable segment. So, we decided to interview him regarding the same. Here’s how it went:

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How do you plan to ensure the wide availability of Endefo products through over 2000 retail outlets, Amazon, and your own e-commerce platform? Can you provide some details about your distribution and marketing strategies?

We forayed in India with a vision of setting up in the entire India. We started our business in India from Kerala, and spread across various states in India. Especially South India and now Delhi/UP/Haryana & Jammu Kashmir. Each state we have partners who cater the state with adequate manpower from our side and partners as well. Now Endefo is catering 2000+ stores in general trade and our products are available in major key retailers such as Sangeetha, Supreme Paradise Lot Mobile etc.

We are now focused more in North India to expand ourselves to all the major states with strong partnership. By the end of this year we will cover 70% of the north states and will make sure our products are available easily for the consumers. We are in discussion with more Key partners as well to make the products available tier 1 & tier 2 major stores.

Coming online we have tied up with Amazon. This Diwali we are expecting 200% growth from Amazon with maximum new product launch and best benefits for the consumers.

We are setting up our ecommerce site which is currently available in India and now with the new version Endefo which is available globally will be available in a one click.

Endefo has already established a significant market presence in the southern region of India. What challenges and opportunities do you foresee as you expand your reach to states in North and West India?

Yes we had built our network very strongly in South India, with the association with major distribution partners in respective states. All the partners from states are there from day one with us and we treat them as our partner and they work with us as endefo is their own brand.

We have been tied up with M/s United Telelinks Bangalore for Modern trade supply, which is a breakthrough in India operation. Now we are there in Sangeetha mobile which has 850+ stores across Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, AP, Telangana, Goa & Gujarat. Supreme Mobile who is having a strong presence in South Tamil Nadu with more than 80 stores endefo is holding a major share in wearables and accessories in the outlet. Coming to AP & Telangana we are associated with Lot Mobile with 164 stores. In Kerala endefo is available in major outlets such as Nandilath, Easy store, Ideal Home appliances, Venus digital arcade etc and we are holding a good share as well, since kerala is the base of Endefo

In a highly competitive electronics market, what sets Endefo apart from other brands, especially considering your focus on youth-centric products?

Yes, as said, we are much focused on youth and the product which we are having is very attractive for the young Indian. Youth in India need new technology with durability, and we are the brand who have the presence in multiple countries and have the best knowledge in new technology.

Our new products in TWS will be having multiple features such as Noise Cancellation, Quad Mic, Active Noise Cancellation, Low Latency etc. We are bringing new designs as well, for both gender they will be having a choice in the portfolio.


Could you provide some information on your after-sales service and customer support infrastructure in India, ensuring a positive customer experience?

Endefo has a service network of 500 + across India which provide on site and off site as well. Below 3K product customers can replace as per the warranty within the retailer point and product above 3K we ensure customers get service at service points.

What is happening in India that is further pushing the wearable gadgets or portable audio speaker brands?

Right now in India, the penetration of smartphones or related devices is growing at a fast pace. So, more and more users also need mobile accessories such as TWS or smartwatches. People in India are also ready to spend the money in the market. The consumption has increased and that is also because of the growing India story. If India continued to import items from China, for example, there would not have been income generation for a large number of employees. The salaries are then going back into the system for consumption. The money is rotating.

We thank Mr Aneef to answer our questions and queries.

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