FUJIFILM India Launches “FUJINON Duvo HZK24-300mm” Portable PL Mount Zoom Lens

FUJIFILM India Launches "FUJINON Duvo HZK24-300mm" Portable PL Mount Zoom Lens

FUJIFILM India, a leader in imaging technology, has unveiled the “FUJINON Duvo HZK24-300mm” Portable PL Mount Zoom Lens. This latest addition to the Duvo Series of portable zoom lenses boasts a drive unit, Native super 35 & Full Frame compatibility with a 1.5x expander. The dual-format lens supports two types of large-image sensors, catering to shallow depth-of-field and achieving beautiful bokeh.

Key Highlights:

  • Duvo Portable 24-300mm offers a 12.5x zoom and covers a focal range of 24-300mm, frequently used in live production settings.
  • It features a built-in 1.5x expander, extending the focal length to 36mm-450mm for capturing distant subjects effectively.
  • The lens naturally produces out-of-focus backgrounds, delivering a coveted cinematic look with appealing textures and bokeh.
  • Compact and lightweight at 10.6 inches in length and 2.95kg in weight, it is highly portable for various live production scenarios.
  • It operates like a broadcast lens, accommodating zoom and focus requirements.
  • Compatible with specific accessories designed for portable FUJINON lenses, it can be used with shoulder-mounted rigs, Steadicams, or cranes for high-angle shots.

FUJIFILM India Launches "FUJINON Duvo HZK24-300mm" Portable PL Mount Zoom Lens

Mr. Koji Wada, Managing Director, FUJIFILM India, stated, “The introduction of the FUJINON Duvo HZK24-300mm represents our vision of portable cinema lenses, empowering creators to push creative boundaries and craft cinematic stories with elegance. We believe that the FUJINON Duvo series will revolutionize India’s filmmaking landscape.”

Mr. Arun Babu, Head of Digital Camera, Instax & Optical Devices Business, FUJIFILM India, added, “The FUJINON Duvo HZK24-300mm lens offers an extensive focal range in a compact and lightweight package, enabling dramatic shallow depth-of-field shots for live production.”

In today’s broadcasting world, cameras equipped with large-image sensors are gaining popularity for their ability to create immersive cinematic expressions involving shallow depth-of-field, bokeh, and high dynamic range. While cinema lenses are commonly used for these applications, they typically have a smaller zoom magnification ratio than broadcast lenses. The introduction of the FUJINON Duvo HZK24-300mm Portable PL Mount Zoom Lens is set to be a game-changer in this creative environment.

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