FUJIFILM India Launches Smartphone Printer Link Series

FUJIFILM India Launches Smartphone Printer Link Series

In an age of increasingly digital experiences, FUJIFILM India steps in with the launch of its innovative smartphone printer Link series, aimed at translating digital memories into tangible keepsakes.

Key Highlights:

  • The Link series includes mini Link 2, SQUARE Link, and Link Wide smartphone printers.
  • INSTAX mini Link 2 features instax AiR and SPRAY ART with compatibility for card-sized instax film.
  • SQUARE Link allows images to be printed in 90 seconds, boasting advanced AR functionalities.
  • The Link Wide printer offers prints on a wide format film, ideal for group shots or landscapes.
  • FUJIFILM India introduces the Instax Biz app, simplifying the printing process.

FUJIFILM India Launches Smartphone Printer Link Series

In a statement from New Delhi on 25 October 2023, FUJIFILM India unveiled its Link series of smartphone printers, bridging the gap between digital memories and physical mementos. These printers serve as tools for the current generation to embrace more traditional forms of memory preservation. Through the dedicated app, Instax Biz, users can customize their prints effortlessly. The integrated experience between Instax cameras and smartphone printers through Instax Biz streamlines the entire printing process.

Mr. Koji Wada, Managing Director, FUJIFILM India, emphasized the potential of the Indian market for consumer electronics and photo printing. “Our Instax division has gained traction globally. With the Link series, we seek to further engage with the Indian market, offering users an innovative, yet straightforward way to instantly safeguard their memories,” he stated.

Detailing the capabilities of the mini Link 2, it supports features like instax AiR and SPRAY ART. Available in soft pink, clay white, and space blue, it caters to various user preferences. Additionally, the mini Link 2 introduces creative possibilities such as sharable QR codes and multiple brush types and colors. Its instax-Natural Mode and instax-Rich Mode are tailored for capturing diverse occasions.

Mr. Arun Babu, Head of Digital Camera, Instax & Optical Devices Business, FUJIFILM India, added, “Fujifilm consistently aims to enhance user experiences with advanced products like the Link series. The culmination of our extensive research now allows consumers to easily translate their digital memories into physical prints. By tethering this technology to smartphones, we envision a fresh trajectory for smartphone printer usage in India.”

The SQUARE Link printer, available in Ash White and Midnight Green, delivers prints in just 90 seconds. Its AR capabilities, such as ‘Add special FX and Add Doodle’, coupled with INSTAX Connect, make it a dynamic tool for users. On the other hand, the Link Wide printer specializes in larger prints, suitable for group or landscape photos, all while maintaining a compact form factor. For storing these large prints, the Wide Album and Acrylic Photo Frame are available.

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