G-SHOCK Releases GMA-P2100W for International Women’s Day 2024

G-SHOCK Releases GMA-P2100W for International Women's Day 2024

In celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8, 2024, G-SHOCK has introduced the GMA-P2100W, a limited-edition watch designed in the tradition of gifting mimosa flowers to women. The watch, featuring a mimosa yellow color, aims to acknowledge and celebrate women’s achievements.

  • The GMA-P2100W is inspired by the mimosa flower tradition for International Women’s Day.
  • It features a compact design with a bio-based resin bezel and band.
  • The watch is part of G-SHOCK’s efforts to support and recognize women from diverse backgrounds.
  • G-SHOCK has partnered with notable figures and supports women-centric initiatives.

G-SHOCK Releases GMA-P2100W for International Women's Day 2024

G-SHOCK announces the release of the GMA-P2100W, a limited-edition watch, ahead of International Women’s Day. This edition is distinguished by its mimosa yellow color, drawing inspiration from the tradition of gifting mimosa flowers, a gesture of appreciation towards women’s achievements globally.

The GMA-P2100W is designed to be slimmer and more compact, with a shortened band length for comfort. The use of bio-based resin for the bezel and band highlights a commitment to sustainability. Packaged in a special mimosa yellow box, this watch is not just a fashion statement but a tribute to the resilience and spirit of women worldwide.

Aligned with the 2024 International Women’s Day theme, ‘Inspire Inclusion,’ G-SHOCK is dedicated to supporting women from varied backgrounds and walks of life. This commitment is evident in its collaborations with influential women and support for initiatives aimed at women’s empowerment, such as Breast Cancer Awareness.

The brand has also collaborated with remarkable women in extreme sports and creative fields, including 3D/CG artist YUKARI, professional athletes Aori Nishimura, Sakura Johnson, and Cocona Hiraki, who all exemplify the spirit of challenge and resilience. Through these partnerships, G-SHOCK aims to inspire and support women to pursue their passions and challenge societal norms.

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