HP Announces AI Training and Sustainability Initiatives for Partners

HP Announces AI Training and Sustainability Initiatives for Partners

In a significant development revealed at the Amplify Partner Conference, HP Inc. outlined new enhancements to its Amplify™ Partner Program. These improvements are designed to foster partner growth and include the launch of a pioneering role-based artificial intelligence (AI) training and certification program, alongside new growth opportunities in AI Data Science. Key aspects of the program’s expansion entail:

Key Highlights:

  • Introduction of the Future Ready AI MasterClass, a first-of-its-kind, role-based AI training and certification initiative for partners, powered by HP University.
  • Announcement of new partner benefits, including the Growth Play for AI Data Science.
  • Simplification of the membership track through a streamlined architecture.
  • Extension of the Amplify Impact sustainability initiative to Distribution Partners and nearly 50 countries.

HP Announces AI Training and Sustainability Initiatives for Partners

HP’s initiative aims to expedite partner development by offering comprehensive AI training and certification, coupled with a Growth Play opportunity specifically designed for AI Data Science. These steps are supported by HP’s extensive portfolio of AI-enabled solutions and its Future Ready strategy, which seeks to unlock new growth avenues for partners while providing sustained long-term growth.

Kobi Elbaz, SVP and General Manager at HP, emphasized the unique position of the Amplify Partner program in the industry, highlighting its focus on capabilities, collaboration, and performance. HP’s partnership strategy is aimed at facilitating easier sales of its products and services through adequate training, program benefits, and growth opportunities.

The Future Ready AI MasterClass, scheduled to launch on May 1, 2024, will offer comprehensive coverage on various topics to prepare partners for advising customers on AI solutions. This initiative, developed in collaboration with NVIDIA, will be expanded with contributions from other Alliance Partners to enhance the expertise of HP Amplify partners.

Testimonials from industry leaders, such as Bob Pette from NVIDIA and Alessandro Cattani from Esprinet Group, reaffirm the significance of HP’s commitment to innovation and partner success. The Amplify Growth Plays, starting in May 2024, are designed to incentivize partners through tailored benefits, encouraging investments in strategic focus areas beyond specializations.

Simplifications to the HP Amplify Partner Program are intended to facilitate greater access to HP’s product and service portfolio through a tailored, two-track membership structure: Synergy and Power. The Power track introduces new distinctions for partners, rewarding large-scale operations and significant contributions.

Konstantin Ebert from Bechtle AG praised HP’s initiatives for fostering innovation and addressing challenges, highlighting programs like Fast Lane and More for More for enhancing operational efficiency and compensation.

Finally, the expansion of the HP Amplify Impact program aims to drive sustainability efforts among partners by extending its reach to Distribution Partners and nearly 50 countries, underlining HP’s commitment to Climate Action, Human Rights, and Digital Equity.

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