Goldmedal Electricals Hosts Major Dealer Event in Dubai

Goldmedal Electricals recently organized a tour to Dubai for its channel partners from across India. This event aimed to foster stronger relationships and acknowledge the contributions of its dealer network. Over 1,600 individuals, including channel partners and their families, along with the company’s directors and senior staff, participated in the 4-night/5-day trip.

Key Highlights:

  • Goldmedal Electricals conducted a tour in Dubai for its Indian channel partners.
  • The event included more than 1,600 participants, encompassing dealers and their families.
  • Activities featured sightseeing, beach outings, and entertainment events.
  • Directors of Goldmedal shared their vision for the company’s future, focusing on new ventures.
  • The tour served as an expression of gratitude and a means to strengthen business relationships.

Goldmedal Electricals Hosts Major Dealer Event in Dubai

Mr. Kishan Jain, Director at Goldmedal, remarked on the significance of the trip, stating, “Staying in Dubai has reinforced the idea that all our hard work is worth it. As we create lasting memories, we also strengthen our connections, both personally and professionally.” He emphasized the trip as a symbol of teamwork and unity among colleagues.

Mr. Bishan Jain, another Director at Goldmedal, expressed his joy at seeing the happiness among the channel partners and their families. He highlighted these moments as priceless and indicative of the company’s commitment to providing rewarding experiences for its partners.

The trip’s itinerary was diverse, featuring a mix of leisure and interactive activities. The directors actively participated and interacted with the channel partners, discussing the company’s future prospects, including their recent entry into the water heater segment and upcoming ventures into CPVC pipes.

In summary, Goldmedal Electricals’ tour to Dubai was more than just a leisure trip; it was a strategic move to strengthen business ties and show appreciation towards its channel partners. This event also served as a platform for discussing future business strategies and reinforcing the company’s commitment to its stakeholders.

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