Home News Google Acquires Cameyo to Run Windows Apps on ChromeOS

Google Acquires Cameyo to Run Windows Apps on ChromeOS

Google Acquires Cameyo to Run Windows Apps on ChromeOS

Google has strategically enhanced ChromeOS by integrating Cameyo’s Virtual App Delivery (VAD) technology, enabling the seamless running of Windows applications on Chromebooks. This move marks a significant step in making ChromeOS a more versatile and enterprise-friendly operating system.

Simplifying Application Access

The collaboration between Google and Cameyo simplifies the delivery of enterprise applications, including legacy Windows apps, through progressive web apps (PWAs). This integration allows apps to operate alongside native ChromeOS applications, providing a seamless user experience where apps appear as regular icons on Chromebooks’ launcher and taskbar​.

Economic and Operational Benefits

Adopting Cameyo’s technology has led to substantial economic benefits, notably a 54% reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for enterprises. This reduction stems from decreased hardware costs, licensing fees, and operational expenses, as Cameyo’s VAD eliminates the need for traditional virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), thus simplifying the IT management landscape​​.

Security and User Experience

Both Google and Cameyo prioritize security with a Zero Trust security model, ensuring applications and devices are segmented and isolated from network resources. This approach significantly reduces potential security vulnerabilities. Furthermore, the integration offers an enhanced user experience by eliminating the need to switch between different environments to access various apps, streamlining productivity and user interaction​​.

Market Implications

The acquisition of Cameyo by Google is poised to make ChromeOS a more attractive option for businesses that rely on a variety of applications, including legacy Windows software. By facilitating easier access to these applications, Google can significantly expand ChromeOS’s market presence in the enterprise sector, competing more effectively with other operating systems that are traditionally dominant in business environments.

Global Reach and Availability

The ChromeOS and Cameyo integration is available worldwide as an enterprise solution, offering organizations a powerful tool to modernize their IT infrastructure and embrace a more cloud-centric operating environment​.

Google’s acquisition of Cameyo is a clear indicator of its commitment to making ChromeOS a more versatile and enterprise-friendly platform. The move is expected to enhance the productivity of ChromeOS users by enabling more efficient access to a broad range of applications, ultimately strengthening Google’s position in the enterprise market.


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