Havells Introduces Diverse Range of Celebration String Lighting

Havells Introduces Diverse Range of Celebration String Lighting

Havells has unveiled a new line of string lights designed to cater to various celebratory needs. The range includes different models like Dian, Bliss, Joy, Delight, Wish, and Vibrant Strings, each with unique features suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings.

Key Highlights:

  • Dian String lights offer a realistic flamelight effect and are extendable up to 100 meters.
  • Bliss String lights provide a shimmering ambiance for indoor spaces and come with replaceable bulbs.
  • Joy String lights feature multi-color options with a remote-controlled light effects system.
  • Delight String is a solar-powered lighting solution with USB charging and remote-controlled light effects.
  • Wish String lights come with a ribbed pattern design and multiple light effects controller.
  • Vibrant String lights boast a dynamic multicolored frost effect, with an included remote for various settings.

Havells Introduces Diverse Range of Celebration String Lighting

Havells has launched a new collection of string lights to enhance any celebration. The Dian String promises durability and an easy installation process, suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings, and can extend up to 100 meters. Bliss String, with its elegance and plug-and-play functionality, is particularly designed for indoor use. Both strings are intended to provide a warm and inviting ambiance.

For a more colorful display, the Joy String introduces a multi-color lighting option controlled by a separately purchased remote. It is designed to add vibrancy to various events and can be used indoors and outdoors. Similarly, the Delight String light is an eco-friendly option that harnesses solar power and features multiple lighting effects.

The Wish String stands out with its bold, ribbed pattern design and a range of lighting effects. While the remote and adaptor are not included, the product promises to be a durable addition to any celebration. Lastly, the Vibrant String provides dynamic multicolored lighting, controlled via the included remote, adding a splash of color to any event.

This array of lighting solutions from Havells aims to provide consumers with a choice of atmosphere and decoration for their festive occasions, ensuring that their moments are not just illuminated but also memorable.

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