Motorola’s Moto G Hits 200 Million Sales in Its 10th Year

Motorola's Moto G Hits 200 Million Sales in Its 10th Year

Motorola commemorates a significant achievement in the mobile phone market as the moto g series reaches its 10th anniversary. A milestone is marked by the sale of 200 million units globally, reflecting the brand’s presence in the mid-tier smartphone segment. The moto g series has been a part of the market since its inception, offering a variety of features and technologies to a wide consumer base.

Key Highlights:

  • Motorola’s moto g series celebrates its 10th anniversary, with over 200 million units sold.
  • The first moto g introduced quad-core processing, 1GB RAM, and custom moto gestures to the mid-range market.
  • The moto g4 expanded the series with customizable features and advanced technology like a fingerprint sensor and PDAF camera system.
  • The moto g100, marking the series’ 10th generation, brought 5G connectivity and the Ready For platform to the mid-tier segment.
  • The moto g84 5G introduced features like the Pantone Color of the Year, vegan leather, and an ultrawide pOLED display with AI enhancements.

Motorola's Moto G Hits 200 Million Sales in Its 10th Year

Motorola is celebrating a decade in the mid-range smartphone market with the moto g family. Since the introduction of the first moto g, which brought features like a quad-core processor and moto gestures to a broader audience, Motorola has sold over 200 million moto g devices worldwide.

The original moto g was a game-changer, providing an alternative to the then-dominant paradigm of choosing between low-power devices or outdated premium models. It introduced a higher level of technology to users looking for affordability without compromising on performance.

As the series evolved, the moto g4 marked a diversification of the brand’s offerings, with options that allowed consumers to prioritize features based on their budget. The moto g4 was notable for being the first in the series to incorporate features like a fingerprint sensor and a PDAF camera system with laser autofocus, which were previously exclusive to Motorola’s premium lineup.

The 10th generation of the series, the moto g100, stood out by incorporating a Snapdragon 8 series mobile platform, 5G capabilities, and the innovative Ready For platform, which extended the smartphone’s capabilities to external displays without the need for extra hardware.

More recently, the moto g84 5G captured attention by incorporating the Pantone Color of the Year and featuring ultra-premium vegan imitation leather. Its camera system, enhanced by OIS and Ultra Pixel technology, aims to deliver superior image quality. This model also boasts an ultrawide pOLED display and AI-integrated features across various aspects such as camera, battery, and overall performance.

Motorola has indicated its commitment to the moto g family’s future, emphasizing the importance of smartphones as personal computing platforms and means of self-expression. The company aims to continue its legacy of delivering advanced and competitive products to meet consumer demands in the evolving mobile landscape.

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