Hexagon Unveils Nexus for Enhanced Manufacturing Operations

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has launched the Nexus Connected Worker suite, a new software solution aimed at streamlining manufacturing operations by connecting workers to real-time shopfloor data. This platform facilitates operational flexibility, enabling a responsive approach to manufacturing processes and offering the tools for actionable insights and enhanced reporting capabilities.

Key Highlights:

  • Nexus Connected Worker integrates with enterprise systems, providing a unified digital view of assets, processes, and facilities.
  • The suite aims to improve operational agility with IoT connectivity, allowing workers to respond quickly to production needs.
  • Real-time access to data is cited as a key factor in boosting productivity by an average of over 20%.
  • Hexagon emphasizes the organic adoption of the suite due to its empowerment of teams with current information.
  • The SaaS applications within the suite support a variety of functions including operations, maintenance, and audits.
  • Airstream, an RV manufacturer, managed to reduce quality reporting time from one week to one day using the Nexus suite.
  • A partnership with a major food and beverage packaging company resulted in a 25% decrease in scrap, enhancing overall equipment effectiveness.

Hexagon Unveils Nexus for Enhanced Manufacturing Operations

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division announced the release of Nexus Connected Worker, a new suite designed to enhance manufacturing efficiency by connecting shopfloor workers to real-time data. This software solution leverages Hexagon’s digital-reality platform, Nexus, to streamline collaboration and support informed decision-making processes.

The Nexus Connected Worker suite is designed to address the challenges manufacturers face due to traditional departmental barriers, promoting better data collection and sharing. Dr. Asif Rana, president of Nexus Connected Worker at Hexagon, stated, “By enabling much more agile decision making, the suite also empowers businesses to transform processes such as downtime management and final product quality inspection.”

Parth Joshi, chief product and technology officer at Hexagon, commented on the contribution of the Nexus Connected Worker solutions to digitalizing shopfloor processes, highlighting the intention to deliver more insights to frontline workers.

The suite, which offers SaaS applications via the Nexus platform, aims to evolve with the industry’s needs, promising connectivity with a range of applications and data sources. It has been instrumental for businesses like Airstream, which saw a significant reduction in quality reporting time, and a major food and beverage packaging company, which experienced a notable decrease in scrap and enhanced equipment effectiveness.

In sum, Nexus Connected Worker brings together software solutions for various manufacturing activities, now available as SaaS through Hexagon’s Nexus platform, marking a pivotal step in manufacturing operations’ digital transformation.

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