Kratos Studios Initiates 50 Cr Fund for Gaming Studios

Kratos Studios Initiates 50 Cr Fund for Gaming Studios

Kratos Studios, known for its ownership of the IndiGG IP, has announced the launch of the ‘Kratos Games Network,’ a program dedicating a 50 crore fund to aid gaming studios. This initiative is set to target an initial 10-15 studios by March 2024 and is designed to help these studios transition their offerings to blockchain-based gaming.

Key Highlights:

  • Kratos Studios announces a 50 crore grant for the ‘Kratos Games Network.’
  • The initiative to target 10-15 Web2 gaming studios by March 2024.
  • Monetization for 1.5 lakh gamers already achieved, with a 100X increase anticipated.
  • Selection criteria include profitability and a minimum daily active user base.
  • Blockchain integration aims to increase transparency and gamer ownership of assets.
  • Global expansion planned, targeting regions such as LATAM, East Asia, and SE Asia.

Kratos Studios Initiates 50 Cr Fund for Gaming Studios

Kratos Studios has launched a strategic program to assist the gaming development community by establishing the ‘Kratos Games Network,’ which will support game studios with a substantial grant. This initiative is poised to bolster the studio’s user base and strengthen the global gaming development community. By integrating blockchain technology into gaming, Kratos aims to enhance monetization potential for both developers and gamers.

The allocated grant will serve Web2 gaming studios, aiding in their transition to the blockchain gaming sector. Kratos Studios’ vision encompasses fostering a diverse gaming developer community and curating a selection of games that resonate with varying demographics on their platform. This effort is not only expected to enrich the gaming landscape but also to increase Kratos’ foothold in the blockchain gaming market.

Gaming studios that make the cut will gain access to Kratos’ proprietary blockchain technology stack and an existing global gamer community comprising over a million users. This technological shift is set to empower developers with new revenue streams by leveraging blockchain’s inherent features like security, transparency, and decentralized asset ownership.

Kratos Studios’ initiative aims to transcend geographical barriers, with the company setting its sights on gaming studios not just in India, but also in Latin America, East Asia, and Southeast Asia. The selection process for studios is rigorous, considering factors such as long-term profitability and active user metrics.

The founder of Kratos Studios, Manish Agarwal, commented on the launch, saying, “This initiative will bring high-quality games and hence more gamers to blockchain gaming. We are on our way to becoming the largest network of gamers on the blockchain, globally.”

The shift from traditional Web2 gaming platforms to Web3 blockchain technology offers multiple advantages. Blockchain integration secures gamer transactions and asset ownership, adding a layer of security against fraud while democratizing the gaming experience. With the gaming market projected to expand significantly in the coming years, blockchain gaming is positioned for a surge in both economic impact and user empowerment.

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