Hitachi Launches New Wi-Fi Smart Air Conditioners

Hitachi Launches New Wi-Fi Smart Air Conditioners
Explore Hitachi's new Wi-Fi smart air conditioners with airCloud Go technology. Enjoy remote control, efficient cooling, and smart features for a comfortable home

In a significant advancement in home cooling technology, Hitachi Cooling and Heating has unveiled its latest series of Wi-Fi-enabled smart air conditioners. These new models, equipped with the airCloud Go technology, offer users the convenience of controlling their air conditioners remotely via voice commands or through a mobile device. Aimed at modern homeowners and tech-savvy consumers, the launch includes two series: the iZen 3500SWXL and the Yoshi 5500SWXL, each designed to cater to different cooling needs and preferences.

Key Highlights:

  • New air conditioners feature Wi-Fi connectivity for remote access.
  • Models available in 1 and 1.5-ton capacities, with energy efficiency ratings of 3-star and 5-star.
  • Equipped with innovative cooling technologies like ice-clean, ambience lighting, and hexa sensor for enhanced performance.
  • Includes features for improved air quality, energy savings, and user convenience such as filter clean indicator and stabilizer-free operation.

Enhanced Cooling and Smart Features

The iZen 3500SWXL series is notable for its efficiency and comfort-focused features, including ice-clean technology for improved air quality, ambience lighting for a better control experience, and silent cooling for a noise-free environment. Additionally, its long air throw and hexa sensor technology ensure even cooling distribution across the room.

Conversely, the Yoshi 5500SWXL series stands out for its maximum performance and energy efficiency. It includes hexa sensor technology for precise cooling, a tropical design capable of operating in extreme temperatures, and super slit fins for enhanced heat exchange. Wi-Fi connectivity in both series allows for easy monitoring and control, adding a layer of convenience for users.

Key Specifications:

  • The iZen series offers a 3-star energy efficiency rating, while the Yoshi series comes with a 5-star rating.
  • Both series feature 100% Inner Grooved Copper Tubes for efficient cooling.
  • Equipped with features like SuperSlit Fins, Filter Clean Indicator, and Stabilizer Free Operation.

Modern Home Cooling Solutions

These air conditioners are not just about cooling; they also focus on creating a healthier indoor environment. The ice-clean feature, powered by FrostWash technology, cleans the air by removing dirt and impurities. Other features like the 4-way air swing, ambient light, and various operational modes like the ECO and Good Sleep Mode, ensure personalized comfort and energy savings.

Designed to blend with contemporary home décor, Hitachi’s new air conditioners combine functionality with aesthetics, offering a stylish yet efficient cooling solution. With a range of models to fit different spaces and budgets, these air conditioners are a testament to Hitachi’s commitment to quality and innovation in home comfort solutions.

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