Indeed Introduces Specialist Media Networks for Tech Hiring in India

Indeed Introduces Specialist Media Networks for Tech Hiring in India
Explore Indeed's Specialist Media Networks for efficient tech hiring in India. Discover targeted advertising solutions for hard-to-fill tech roles and industry insights.

Indeed has launched Specialist Media Networks in India, aimed at assisting employers in filling competitive and hard-to-fill job roles. The initiative, first focusing on the technology sector, offers targeted advertising to reach candidates with specific, in-demand skills.

Key Highlights:

  • Launch of Specialist Media Networks to target hard-to-fill tech roles.
  • The Tech Network focuses on sectors with a high demand for specific skill sets.
  • Collaboration with over 50 technology-specific sites for wider job ad distribution.
  • A significant increase in relevant applications for employers using the network.

Delhi: Indeed, a job matching and hiring platform, announced the initiation of Specialist Media Networks in India, designed to support employers in hiring for competitive and hard-to-fill job roles. The launch begins with the Tech Network, aimed at the technology sector, where roles like ‘technical lead’, ‘JavaScript developer’, ‘senior .NET developer’, and ‘senior technology analyst’ have proven difficult to fill due to a limited pool of qualified candidates.

The Tech Network allows employers to utilize targeted advertising, reaching potential candidates more effectively. By incorporating this network into their Indeed Ads workflow, employers can attract technology professionals more efficiently in a competitive hiring landscape.

Abhishek Dhasmana, Senior Product Director at Indeed, stated, “In today’s rapidly changing job market, the demand for skilled talent is high in India. We are committed to simplifying the hiring process for Indian employers… Our goal is to streamline the hiring process and make it easier for employers to find the right talent.”

Indeed’s strategy includes collaborations with top tech platforms to extend the reach of job advertisements across more than 50 technology-specific sites globally, such as Stack Overflow, Amply, and HackerNoon. These partnerships have resulted in a 4.1X increase in relevant applications from skilled candidates, significantly benefiting employers.

This product launch aligns with Indeed’s commitment to enhancing employer and job seeker support in India. Future plans include the improvement of targeting and matching capabilities and the launch of new AI-powered products to facilitate easier and quicker hiring processes across various industries.

Learn more about Indeed’s efforts to revolutionize tech recruiting and address the challenges of filling specialized roles in the tech industry.

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