India’s Smartphone Market Grows by 11.5%; Apple Dominates the Super-Premium Segment

India’s Smartphone Market Grows by 11.5%
India's smartphone market grows by 11.5%, with Apple leading the super-premium segment. Discover the key drivers and market dynamics in this detailed news report.

The Indian smartphone market witnessed a notable growth of 11.5% in the past year, marking a significant recovery after a period of decline. This growth is primarily driven by an increased demand for premium smartphones and the widespread adoption of 5G technology. In the last quarter of 2023 alone, the market expanded by 25% year-on-year, fueled by a robust festive season and attractive promotional offers​.

Apple Leads the Super-Premium Segment

Apple has emerged as the leader in the super-premium segment of the Indian smartphone market, achieving the highest revenue share in 2023. The company’s success can be attributed to its strategic focus on the Indian market, including the launch of retail stores in key locations and a strong emphasis on offline sales channels. Apple shipped over 10 million units in 2023, driven by the popularity of both its latest models and older versions of iPhones​​.

Market Dynamics and Key Players

While Apple dominates the revenue charts, Samsung leads in terms of sales volume, followed by Vivo. The market share of Chinese brands like Xiaomi has declined, with Xiaomi slipping to the third position from the top in terms of volume market share. The premium segment, which includes smartphones priced above Rs 30,000, grew by an impressive 64% year-on-year in 2023. This growth was facilitated by easy financing options, allowing more consumers to purchase higher-end devices​​.

Impact of 5G and Festive Season

The introduction and expansion of 5G technology have been significant drivers of market growth. In 2023, 5G smartphones accounted for over 52% of total shipments, with a 66% year-on-year increase. The festive season played a crucial role in boosting sales, as consumers took advantage of discounts, financing schemes, and promotional offers. This period saw a recovery in demand, helping to clear out inventory and setting a positive tone for the upcoming year​​.

Challenges and Future Outlook

Despite the growth in the latter half of the year, the first half of 2023 was challenging due to macroeconomic factors and low consumer demand. The market’s recovery in the second half suggests a positive outlook for 2024, with expectations of continued growth driven by the premiumization trend and broader adoption of 5G technology in more affordable segments​.

The Indian smartphone market’s 11.5% growth highlights a significant recovery and evolving consumer preferences towards premium devices and advanced technology like 5G. Apple’s leadership in the super-premium segment underscores the brand’s successful strategy in India. As the market continues to evolve, the focus on premium devices and technological advancements is expected to drive further growth in the coming years.

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