Home News iQOO 12 Set to Debut Android 14-Based Funtouch OS for Enhanced Performance

iQOO 12 Set to Debut Android 14-Based Funtouch OS for Enhanced Performance

iQOO 12 Set to Debut Android 14-Based Funtouch OS for Enhanced Performance

iQOO, the smartphone brand known for its high-performance devices, has revealed that the upcoming iQOO 12 flagship will be equipped with the latest Android 14-based Funtouch OS. This move positions the iQOO 12 as the first non-Pixel smartphone to offer Android 14 right out of the box.

Key Highlights:

  • iQOO 12 will feature Android 14-based Funtouch OS for an optimized user experience.
  • Focus on improving memory management, multitasking, customization, privacy, and security.
  • New video editing tools for enhanced creativity and flexibility.
  • iQOO 12 will be the first non-Pixel smartphone to launch with Android 14.

iQOO 12 Set to Debut Android 14-Based Funtouch OS for Enhanced Performance

The Funtouch OS 14 aims to deliver an improved user experience by addressing key aspects such as memory management, multitasking capabilities, customization, privacy, and security. Additionally, the integration of new video editing tools is set to provide users with greater flexibility and creativity.

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The iQOO 12 is promised to come without preloaded hot apps or games, ensuring a cleaner and smoother out-of-the-box experience. Furthermore, users can anticipate 3+4 years of Android and security updates, offering an extended lifecycle for their devices.

Smooth Envision: Smooth, Every Time

Funtouch OS 14 introduces ‘Smooth Envision,’ a novel approach aimed at enhancing the overall OS experience. The optimization includes reducing persistent processes and optimizing RAM usage, resulting in improved system performance, responsiveness, and the ability to run more apps simultaneously. The enhanced RAM Saver feature is expected to add up to 600 MB of available RAM space to devices with 8 GB RAM and above, facilitating seamless multitasking. The introduction of the App Retainer feature ensures that whitelisted apps, not manually closed, are always restored to their last interface.

Do More at Once with Enhanced Multitasking Features

Funtouch OS 14 takes multitasking to the next level with an upgraded small window feature. The improved visibility of adjustment lines simplifies navigation and understanding of the adjustment range. Users can maintain up to 12 small windows active in the background, with support for side-swipe suspension for added control. The introduction of a new non-interactive mini small window mode caters to scenarios where users want to focus on one app while monitoring another, allowing easy switching between modes with a single tap.

In conclusion, iQOO’s integration of the Android 14-based Funtouch OS in the upcoming iQOO 12 aims to provide users with a smoother, more efficient, and feature-rich smartphone experience. With a focus on performance, multitasking, and extended software support, the iQOO 12 sets itself apart as a promising contender in the highly competitive smartphone market.

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