JBL Launches 3D Anamorphic Advertising Campaign

JBL Launches 3D Anamorphic Advertising Campaign

JBL, a prominent audio brand under HARMAN, has launched a 3D anamorphic advertising campaign featuring their noise-cancelling headphones. This initiative marks a first in the consumer audio industry with the display set up at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi and the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport in Mumbai. This campaign aims to engage travelers and introduce them to JBL’s advanced audio solutions like the JBL Tour One M2 and JBL Live Pro 2 TWS.

  • JBL initiates a pioneering 3D anamorphic advertising campaign at two major Indian airports.
  • The month-long campaign focuses on JBL’s noise-cancelling headphones, targeting travelers.
  • Displays are intended to provide an immersive experience in outdoor advertising.
  • JBL collaborates with Delhi-based agency, Marketing Solutions, for the campaign.
  • The campaign highlights the variety of headphones suited for different travel needs and preferences.

JBL Launches 3D Anamorphic Advertising Campaign

In partnership with the Delhi-based agency Marketing Solutions, JBL has created anamorphic displays designed to captivate and provide an immersive visual experience for consumers. These displays are among the first 3D outdoor advertisements in the audio industry, utilizing space and perspective to draw attention to JBL products.

The campaign emphasizes the benefits of JBL’s Noise Cancelling headphones for travelers, highlighting their utility in blocking out unwanted noise and optimizing audio for music and movie enjoyment during flights. With additional features like Talk Thru and Smart Ambient modes, the headphones allow users to control their listening environment, including staying aware of necessary external sounds such as airport announcements. Furthermore, the JBL Headphone App offers customization features for an enhanced user experience.

Vikram Kher, Vice President of Lifestyle at HARMAN India, stated, “This initiative of an anamorphic hoarding campaign showcases our dedication to innovation and immersive advertising. Collaborating with marketing solutions and introducing anamorphic displays allowed us to set a new benchmark in the industry. This initiative reinforces our commitment to creating innovative sound solutions for our customers.”

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