Home News Latest Pixel 9 Leak Reveals Tensor G4 Specs and Benchmarks

Latest Pixel 9 Leak Reveals Tensor G4 Specs and Benchmarks

Latest Pixel 9 Leak Reveals Tensor G4 Specs and Benchmarks

Recent leaks have given us an exciting glimpse into the upcoming Google Pixel 9 series, particularly focusing on the new Tensor G4 chip. These revelations offer insights into the expected performance and specifications of Google’s next flagship smartphones, which are anticipated to be officially announced in October 2024.

The Tensor G4 Chip: What We Know

The Tensor G4 chip, set to power the Pixel 9 series, is rumored to feature an octa-core configuration. This includes a prime core clocked at 3.10GHz, three performance cores at 2.60GHz, and four efficiency cores at 1.95GHz. This setup is designed to balance power and efficiency, enhancing both performance and battery life​​.

The GPU in the Tensor G4 is expected to be the Mali-G715, similar to the Tensor G3, but with improved clock speeds. This suggests a focus on incremental improvements rather than a complete overhaul, aiming to provide a smoother and more responsive user experience​​.

Benchmark Results

Early benchmark results from Geekbench have surfaced, providing a preliminary look at the Tensor G4’s capabilities. The Pixel 9 prototype, codenamed “Google Tokay,” achieved a single-core score of 1082 and a multi-core score of 3121. While these scores are not groundbreaking, they indicate that the device is still in the testing phase, and final performance figures could be higher​.

Pixel 9 Series: Models and Variants

The Pixel 9 series is expected to include three models: the standard Pixel 9 (Tokay), the Pixel 9 Pro (Komodo), and a smaller Pixel 9 Pro variant (Caiman). This lineup mirrors Apple’s strategy with its iPhone models, offering a range of sizes and features to cater to different user preferences​.

  • Pixel 9: The base model is anticipated to have a 6.24-inch display with a 120Hz refresh rate, 12GB of RAM, and 128GB of storage.
  • Pixel 9 Pro: Featuring a larger 6.7-inch display, this model will come with 16GB of RAM and similar storage options.
  • Pixel 9 Pro XL: The largest of the three, it will sport a 6.73-inch display and the same RAM and storage configurations as the Pro model​.

Design and Build

The leaked images of the Pixel 9 series showcase a departure from the design language of its predecessors. The new models feature a rounded-rectangular camera module instead of the horizontal bar seen on previous generations. Additionally, the devices have prominent rounded edges, with the Pixel 9 sporting a glossy back and dual-camera setup, while the Pro variants have a matte finish and triple-camera arrays​.

Focus on AI and User Experience

Google appears to be prioritizing AI enhancements and user-centric features over sheer hardware prowess with the Pixel 9 series. The Tensor G4’s architecture is likely optimized for better AI processing, aligning with Google’s strategy to integrate smarter features and capabilities into its devices​.

As we approach the expected October launch, the Pixel 9 series, powered by the Tensor G4 chip, promises to bring incremental but meaningful upgrades to Google’s smartphone lineup. While the early benchmarks provide a glimpse of what’s to come, the final performance and features will be revealed closer to the official release date. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to monitor the latest developments in the Pixel 9 saga.


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