LG Electronics Launches New XBOOM Series Speakers

LG Electronics Launches New XBOOM Series Speakers

LG Electronics today introduced the latest ‘LG XBOOM’ series in India, emphasizing convenience, sound quality, and distinctive lighting effects.

Key Highlights:

  • Introduction of new XBOOM series featuring XL7S and XL5S models.
  • Designed for user convenience with ergonomic handles and rugged build.
  • LG XBOOM XL7S offers 20-hour battery life, and the XL5S provides 12 hours.
  • Both models come with an IPX4 Water Resistant rating.
  • Built-in features allow events to be turned into karaoke sessions.
  • Personalized lighting effects achievable via the “My Pick” feature on the XBOOM app.

LG Electronics Launches New XBOOM Series Speakers

Mr. Hak Hyun Kim, Director- Home Entertainment, LG Electronics India, remarked on the launch, “The LG XBOOM series represents a significant step forward in audio technology. With distinctive features, sound reproduction, and lighting effects, the new XBOOM series aims to become a preferred choice for gatherings and daily enjoyment.”

The LG XBOOM series emphasizes convenience. Their design, which includes ergonomic handles and a sturdy structure, ensures they are portable and ready-to-use. Furthermore, the XL7S and XL5S speakers have karaoke capabilities. Users can simply connect a microphone or even a guitar for a personalized musical experience. Additionally, the XBOOM app offers the “My Pick” feature, allowing users to adjust party lighting with three unique lighting effects and control its brightness.

LG XBOOM XL7S: The XL7S produces sound complemented with bass and clear high notes. Its 250W output is suitable for large gatherings. The speaker features an animated pixel display on its LED panel, which users can personalize with texts and animations. The Multi Color Ring Lighting, in sync with the music, and the “Double Strobe” lighting feature, create an engaging audio-visual experience. The XL7S also offers tools such as DJ Pad, DJ effects, and DJ loop for enhanced performance. Additionally, it has dedicated inputs for karaoke microphones and guitars. Its 20.32 cm Giant Woofer and the Dynamic Bass Optimizer provide quality bass, while its two 6.35 cm dome tweeters ensure precision in high-frequency notes. The speaker’s design includes a telescopic handle and wheels for easy transportation.

LG XBOOM XL5S: The XL5S offers a 200W output, suitable for indoor and outdoor venues. It features a 16.51 cm Giant Woofer and two 6.35 cm dome tweeters, delivering powerful bass and clear sound. The speaker’s double strobe lighting syncs with the music, providing an engaging atmosphere. Its 12-hour battery life ensures prolonged usage, and its design, which includes ergonomic handles and an IPX4 Water Resistant rating, guarantees durability and portability.

Both the LG XBOOM XL7S and XL5S models will be available at starting prices of Rs 54,990/- and Rs 44,990/-, respectively.

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