Loco Introduces VIP Loyalty Program for Paying Users

Loco Introduces VIP Loyalty Program for Paying Users

Loco has announced the launch of its Loco VIP program, aimed at enhancing the experience of its paying users with exclusive benefits and incentives. Starting from INR 20, this loyalty initiative seeks to foster a stronger transaction economy on the platform and support creators by providing them with a sustainable financial model.

Key Highlights:

  • Loco VIP program designed to offer exclusive benefits and experiences to paying users.
  • Features include specialized chat text and badges, exclusive sticker packs, and ad-free watching.
  • Ultra HD 4K streaming and unique camera angles for select esports events exclusive to VIP members.
  • Transparent VIP leaderboards enable viewers to engage more and climb rankings.
  • VIP members receive exclusive event invites and discounts on the upcoming Loco Store.
  • The VIP program is credited with a 50% increase in watch hours and a 10-fold increase in on-platform transactions.
  • Day-wise subscription packs start at INR 20, adopting a pay-as-you-prefer model akin to mobile recharge plans.
  • The program’s upcoming roadmap includes new features for creator monetization.

Loco Introduces VIP Loyalty Program for Paying Users

Loco, a platform for esports and live game streaming, has initiated a VIP loyalty program for its paying users. The program incorporates features such as ad-free watching, Ultra HD 4K streaming, exclusive sticker packs, and VIP leaderboards. These initiatives aim to incentivize the users’ experience and interaction on the platform, thereby stimulating the platform’s economy.

The Loco VIP program has already seen a substantial uptick in user engagement, with participating streamers experiencing up to a 50% increase in watch hours. The platform also notes a tenfold growth in transactions since the VIP program’s introduction.

Automatic enrollment into the VIP Loyalty Program is available for users purchasing Loco Diamond packs, with flexible subscription durations similar to mobile recharge plans.

Anirudh Pandita, Founder of Loco, shared, “Loco VIP represents our commitment to transforming the content landscape in India by providing exceptional value to our users.”

The Loco VIP program is currently open to all users, promising a premium live-streaming experience with unique interaction opportunities.

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